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Why YOU need to budget

A budget will show you exactly what you've got coming in, how much you're spending and how much you've got to deal with your debts.

When you know what you've got left we can give you expert debt advice on what solutions are available to help you deal with your debts.

There are a couple of different ways to create your budget, you could use our online Debt Remedy tool.

Or we recommend any of these options:

Try the Money Advice Service budget planner


  • There's space to include all of the costs you'll normally cover in each month
  • It's easy to use and gives you suggestions of what you should include in each category


  • It doesn't let you break down your debts by creditor
  • You'll need to do it again it every time your budget changes

Take a look at this free budget template from the Money Advice Service

Use lovemoney.com's MoneyTrack facility


  • There's no need to calculate anything! the computer does it all for you
  • MoneyTrack automatically categorises everything that's coming out of your account, like groceries, car costs, insurances and mortgages/rent (although you might need to change a few of them as it doesn't always get it right)
  • You can set it to track how much you actually spend compared to how much you think or want to spend in each area


  • It's time consuming setting it all up and checking all the categories are correct
  • You don't get a straight forward budget sheet with the information set out line by line

Set up your MoneyTrack account and get budgeting

Google Docs free budgeting templates


  • Because it's on Google docs you can update it whenever and wherever you are
  • Most of the templates include behind the scenes calculations so you don't need to work anything out


Have a look at the range of templates on offer (You'll need to create an account before you can see the templates).

The Money Charity’s Budget Builder


  • You can save your budget and come back to it at any time (when you set up a password)
  • The tool does the calculations for you
  • You can choose which bank accounts you’d like certain expenses to come from
  • You can break down categories and add notes where needed
  • A menu at the top of the tool makes it easy to navigate between categories


  • It's time consuming setting it all up and checking everything adds up to the correct account

Try the Money Charity's budget builder.

exclamation mark A few points to remember...

1.   Once you've put together your household budget you always need to make sure you're paying the most important bills first. If you're not sure what to pay first or what the consequences not paying your most important bills are then read out page on priority bills.

2.  If you want to put together a budget yourself, we'd always recommend you work it out on a calendar monthly basis, as this is when most companies need to be paid.


Here are some other sites we think you'll find useful

The Money Advice Service have a website full of budgeting and money management advice. Including what you should do with your money if you've got a bit left over each month.

Money Saving Expert founded by Martin Lewis is home to a whole host of budgeting information and money saving ideas.

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They were a pillar of support to me.” (Leslie, Essex)

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