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Day 1 - Grab the bill by the horns

Day 1: How to work out what you owe

The first step in sorting out money worries is to check how much you owe. This can be a daunting prospect but it's also one of the most positive steps you can take towards taking control of your finances. 

Knowing how much you owe to your creditors is a good way to start to deal with your debts. You're not on your own; we'll be here to support you every step of the way, providing practical help and support.

why do people worry about opening their bills?

How to deal with a big pile of bills

Dealing with debt can be scary but ignoring it and hoping it goes away is stressful too. If you can face up to your debts and understand your situation, you'll know what you're up against. Our clients regularly tell us that things weren't nearly as bad as they feared once they'd dealt with the letters they'd received.

Our video shows you a simple technique to help you deal with a pile of post, to help you get organised and feel in control.

Organising your bills

Make a list of all your debts

It's easy to lose track of exactly how much you owe when you're in debt. Use your most recent balances for each of your debts to make a list of all the money you currently owe.

Don't worry too much about how you're going to deal with the debt at this stage, it's more important to take stock and understand the situation. Well be able to give you advice about sorting the debts out later.

Reasons to face up to your debts

Our clients regularly tell us how much better they feel after contact us for advice:

"It's always a great source of comfort to be able to get a reassuring voice over the telephone.""

Ernest, East Sussex

Your kindness went a long way when things looked bleak."

Carol and Richard, East Anglia

I could not have done it without your caring support. I cannot thank you enough in words or express how I feel in my heart."

Roy, London

Coming up tomorrow

Day 2 of the programme is all about your household bills. Keeping on top of these costs is essential to keep the roof over your head, so we'll help you work out which of your debts is the most important.

If you can't wait to get tomorrow's email you can skip ahead to Day 2 now.

If you do one thing today...

Go through your paperwork and make a list of all the debts you can find with the most recent balances.

Today: Work out what you owe

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Need help now?

If you need debt help now then go straight to our Debt Remedy tool for debt advice in 20 minutes.

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Take one mindful minute...


As part of your 7 Days, 7 Ways journey, you can also learn more about mindfulness and the benefits it may have in your daily life. Visit Mental Health Foundation’s bemindful.co.uk for more information.

Day 1: Get curious. Get motivated.

Whenever you work towards making improvements in your life - such as dealing with debt - it's important to keep focused on what's right in front of you and manage worries in a healthy way.

Mindfulness techniques might not work for everyone, but for those who practice regularly, it can have significant results. Mindfulness can help you calmly accept your feelings without trying to change or ignore them. This is especially useful when dealing with something like paperwork.

While facing a daunting task, ask yourself; how do you feel emotionally? What kind of thoughts are going through your head? Take time to become curious about how mindfulness can help you manage your stress.

Helping you become debt free...

“I wish to thank your staff for all the great help they gave me when I was in so much debt.
They were a pillar of support to me.” (Leslie, Essex)

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