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Day 7: It's only the beginning!

Today's the day for you to put the advice you've been given into action. Fill in any paperwork included in your action plan and send it off. You've made so much progress already - why stop now?

If you've hit a bump during the week, don’t worry. We can advise you on anything you’re not sure about with your finances. Our biggest hope is that you now know what you can do to take control.

You can do it!

Day 1: You took the bill by the horns and faced the letters that you may have been avoiding.

Day 2: You learned that you’re not obliged to offer more to creditors than you can afford, only what's left after your priority bills and living expenses are covered.

Day 3: You got to know your outgoings inside out and back to front, as well as the importance of budgeting.

Day 4: We talked about how to boost the money you’ve got coming in and any benefits you may be entitled to.

Day 5: We encouraged you to get free debt advice from us, either via our Helpline or Debt Remedy.

Day 6: We looked at the good, the bad and the ugly side of ways to deal with your debts, and why you should avoid fee-charging debt management companies and payday loans. 

Day 7: You filled in the paperwork from your action plan and made the conscious decision to take control of your finances.

We want to wish you the best of luck. Remember, facing your debt problem starts with you, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Time to go and make a nice cup of tea!

If you do one thing today...

Fill in any paperwork we've sent you and post or email it to us. The sooner you send it, the sooner you can take control.

Yesterday: Make the right choice

Today: Put your plan into action

Need help now?

If you need debt help now then go straight to our Debt Remedy tool for debt advice in 20 minutes.

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Take one mindful minute...


As part of your 7 Days, 7 Ways journey, you can also learn more about mindfulness and the benefits it may have in your daily life. Visit Mental Health Foundation’s bemindful.co.uk for more information.

Day 7: Don’t give up, the journey is the destination!

It’s been a week since you began your ‘one mindful minute’ journey. While you may be feeling better, you may still stumble from time to time. It’s very important that you’re patient with yourself, above all else.

Keep making it a priority to spend just a couple of minutes alone each day to focus on your breathing and gently observe the thoughts and feelings presenting themselves to you. Recognise the improvements you make every day in all aspects of your life. Acknowledge when you deal with a problem head-on instead of avoiding it.

Allow yourself to experience whatever your experience is rather than creating a goal to measure your practice by. Nurture your sense of being a beginner rather than an expert, and the benefits of mindfulness will continue to make themselves known.


Helping you become debt free...

“I wish to thank your staff for all the great help they gave me when I was in so much debt.
They were a pillar of support to me.” (Leslie, Essex)

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