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Creditor contact after your debt relief order (DRO). Help & advice

The official receiver (appointed to deal with your DRO) will contact each of the creditors included in your application, to let them know it's been approved.

But sometimes your creditors might continue to contact you, even after your DRO has been approved. If this happens to you while you're one of our DRO clients, don't worry, it's actually quite normal.

I'm still getting letters and statements from my creditors

Some of your creditors will still send you statements to show you how much of your debt is still outstanding. You don't need to worry about these. Some creditors will continue to send statements to comply with the Consumer Credit Act but you don't need to pay them anything.

The statements may show that interest is being applied to your debt. This is because your creditor doesn't have to stop your interest and charges even when your DRO has been approved. This won't have any effect on your DRO finishing after the 12 month moratorium period, or your debts being written off.

Most creditors will add interest and charges to your account in case your DRO is cancelled during the 12 month moratorium period. This means that if your DRO is cancelled for any reason you'll need to repay the debt plus any interest or charges they've added. 

My debts been sold to a collection agency

Some creditors may pass your debt to a collection agency during your moratorium period. The collection agency that gets your debt probably won't be aware that you have a DRO. 

The Insolvency Service DRO Team at the Insolvency Service won't write to the new creditor to let them know you have a DRO. You'll need to let this new company know and you can do this by sending them a copy of your approval letter as proof that the debt is included in your DRO. 

What your creditors can't do if you're on a DRO

There are certain things that your creditors can't do:

  • Ask you for payments
  • Take you to court
  • Send someone to your home 

If any of the creditors listed in your application do any of these then you should remind them about your DRO. If they still carry on doing these things after you've reminded them then you should contact the DRO team at the Insolvency Service. They'll take this up with the creditor. 

What happens if I included benefit overpayments or priority arrears in my DRO application?

Any benefit overpayments or priority arrears (household bills that you've fallen behind with) that were in your DRO application will have been written off. 

Deductions from your benefits

If you're having a benefit overpayment or any household arrears deducted directly from your benefit payment then this should stop as soon as they receive notification that your DRO has been approved. The Insolvency Service will send them this notification. This will mean that your income will go up a bit as the payments will have stopped. Don't worry about this. We've already taken this into account so you don't need to contact us or the Insolvency Service.

If you find that money is still being deducted from your benefits more than three weeks after your DRO has been approved then you should contact the benefits agency directly to let them know about your DRO. 

Pre-payment meters

If you pay for your gas or electricity through a pre-payment meter and your arrears were included in your DRO then your utility company will need to re-calibrate your meter to stop these payments being taken. If they haven't done this within three weeks of your DRO being approved then you should contact them directly and let them know. 

Priority arrears

If you include any household arrears in your DRO application (like council tax, gas or electricity) you can stop paying these as soon as it's approved. If you normally pay your arrears by Direct Debit or standing order you need to contact the company and ask them to change the amount you're paying so that it just covers your normal payment. 


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