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Government debt consolidation

Don't be fooled by debt companies advertising services as Government debt consolidation schemes.

Unscrupulous firms sometimes attempt to profit from peoples’ financial troubles by making unsubstantiated claims and false promises, these are often advertised as Government debt consolidation schemes.

If you have problems with your debt, you need professional, impartial debt advice from a respected, genuine debt charity like ourselves. All our services are completely free and we make sure we recommend the very best debt solution for your individual circumstances.

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Don’t be misled

Some fee charging debt management companies use phrases like ‘Government debt consolidation’ or ‘Government debt advice’ to fool people into using their services; don’t be misled by these claims.

Be wary of any debt company advertising debt consolidation as the answer to every debt problem. There are many debt solutions for all kinds of situations, and debt consolidation will not help if you are struggling because you have too much debt.

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As the UK’s foremost debt charity, we can look carefully at your financial circumstances and recommend the best way out of debt for you.

Use our online Debt Remedy tool, and get free, expert advice in complete confidence.

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