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Government debt advice

Beware of debt companies advertising their services as government debt advice - these claims are often misleading.

If you are worried about your debts, make sure you get professional debt advice from a trusted, impartial organisation. The best way of guaranteeing that the advice you get is free and impartial is by getting in touch with a debt charity, like ourselves.

Government debt advice

Many fee-charging debt management companies use phrases like ‘government debt advice’ or ‘government debt help’ to advertise their products. Please don’t be misled by these types of claims.

By describing their services as ‘government debt advice’ these companies appear more reputable and may persuade you to take on a debt solution that isn’t the best option for you. Some companies will try and persuade you to start a DMP or an IVA, because they can charge you monthly fees for these services.

You should always be wary of any debt company offering only one debt solution. It might not be the right one for you, and could make your debt situation worse, rather than better.

Debt relief order

A debt relief order (DRO) is a debt solution introduced by the government and implemented through The Insolvency Service. DROs were launched in 2009 as an alternative to personal bankruptcy. They are suitable for people with a long-term debt problem on a low income, with few assets and a relatively low level of unmanageable debt.

Only experienced debt advisors approved by The Insolvency Service as competent authorities, like StepChange Debt Charity, can administer a DRO. A list of these competent authorities is available to view online.

Other companies and websites may claim to offer free DRO advice but could be more inclined to sell an alternative solution for profit. It is always best to get free, impartial DRO advice from one of the competent authorities.

Impartial debt advice

As the UK’s leading debt charity, we are committed to giving you impartial, professional debt advice. We will look carefully at your particular circumstances and recommend only the most appropriate debt solution to your problem.

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