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Changes to debt relief orders

This is another form of insolvency. From 28 June, in England and Wales, people may be able to apply for a DRO:

  •  With a debt amount of £50,000 or under. The current limit is £30,000
  • If they own a vehicle worth £4,000 or under. The current limit is £2,000

What this means for you if you have had advice and been recommended bankruptcy

The advice we gave you is still right for your situation. However, a DRO may also be available to you after 28 June.

If you want to see if a DRO will be a better option for you than bankruptcy after the changes, please: 

  • Log on to your account after 28 June and complete another debt advice session. Remember to wait until 28 June if you decide to do this. This also gives you the chance to check your information and update your online account if anything has changed since you first got debt advice
  • Stop your bankruptcy application and any payments to the fee until you have decided which solution is right for you
  • Find a way to deal with your creditors in the meantime, such as Breathing Space or forbearance. There is more information about these options in your personal action plan

Bankruptcy may still be the option you decide to go ahead with, and your advice may not change. We cannot guarantee a DRO will be available to you after the changes take place.

For more information about DROs, please visit read our guide.

What if I have started my bankruptcy application?

If you don’t want to see if a DRO is now right for you, you don’t need to do anything. You can ignore this email and carry on with your bankruptcy application.

If you have started your application and not paid your full fee, you can still wait until 28 June and check if bankruptcy is still right for you.

Just log into your online account and complete another advice session. If, after 28 June, a DRO is now the option you want to go ahead with, you can cancel your bankruptcy application. Any money you have paid to the fee will be refunded to you.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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