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7 days, 7 ways

Take back control of your finances

Our step-by-step '7 Days, 7 Ways' email programme helps you take back control of your finances in just one week.

Feeling like your finances are unmanageable can make dealing with your debt a daunting prospect. Our 7 Days, 7 Ways email programme can help you take control of your finances again.

7 Days, 7 Ways can help you understand your budget, deal with your bills, and spot opportunities to save money and boost your income.

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What's 7 Days, 7 Ways?

7 Days, 7 Ways is a week-long programme that helps you prepare for a debt advice session. It'll also teach you how to master your finances, boost your income and stay on top of your most important bills. 

Each day for a week we'll send you an email linking to practical advice to help you with your finances. Written by our expert debt advisors, the programme is the perfect starting point in dealing with your debt.

The 7 Days, 7 Ways email programme will talk through a range of different subjects that will help you understand your finances. 

By following the steps, at the end of the programme you will:

  • Know exactly what you owe
  • Understand where you spend your money each month
  • Know which payments are priorities
  • Have ideas to boost your income
  • Know what to do next

Not only will the 7 Days, 7 Ways programme help you to identify the financial challenges you face, but more importantly it’ll enable you to confront your debt with confidence.

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