We aim to make our website as accessible as possible. However if you use a screen reader and require debt advice you may find it easier to phone us instead. Our phone number is 0 8 0 0 1 3 8 1 1 1 1. Freephone (including all mobiles).

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You're about to start your StepChange online debt advice session. At the end of the session we'll recommend a solution tailored to your situation, to help you deal with your debt.

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What will I need?

Your debt details

Who your debts are with, how much you owe and if you're behind on any payments

Your income details

Your wage, any benefits payments you get and any other form of income you receive

Your household spending

How much you typically spend on items like groceries, days out and unplanned repairs

Once you've told us about your finances, we'll work out your budget and debt advice tailored to your situation. If you can’t get hold of all the information right now, you can save your progress and return later.

How do I get my debt details?

  • Look through past letters
    Don't forget to check emails, SMSs and any in-app messages as well
  • Ask your creditors
    They''ll be able to give you an accurate debt balance
  • Get a free credit report online
    These are available from providers like Experian, Equifax or Credit Karma but may not always be up to date

Get started

You'll be asked to enter details about your income, spending and debts. If you can’t get hold of all the information right now, you can save your progress and return later.

We'll then give you our recommendation of a solution to help your situation, along with all your options.

  1. Our service is free and completely confidential
  2. You can do it anonymously and at your own pace
  3. We’ll help to set up your solution
  4. Getting debt advice won't affect your credit file

Our debt advice is free, impartial, and will give you:

  • A clear view of your financial situation
  • A personal action plan
  • A recommended solution to help

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Frequently asked questions

Our online debt advice tool will give you advice based on your circumstances, including where you live in the UK, and recommend a solution. Common debt solutions include:

  • debt management plans (DMP)
  • individual voluntary arrangements (IVA)
  • bankruptcy
  • debt relief orders (DRO)

If you live in Scotland you may also be recommended a:

  • trust deed, or
  • debt payment plan via the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

Our advice is based on the following: If you can repay your debt in full over a reasonable period of time, we'll recommend a debt solution based on repayment over an insolvency solution. 

An insolvency solution may write off some or all of your debt, but it may also have a more detrimental impact on different areas of your life. This may include your chances of obtaining future credit or any assets such as your home or car.

We’ll advise you of your recommended solution, and also inform you of other solutions that are appropriate to your circumstances. This may include debt solutions that we cannot provide for you and where this is the case, we’ll inform you of other sources of information and help.

Our online debt advice tool offers the same expert advice as you would receive using our telephone service. We’ll help you to create a personal budget and take details of your debts. We’ll then use this information to work out your options. You’ll get a personal action plan explaining what to do next.

After you’ve completed online debt advice you'll get a personal action plan, giving you clear and practical advice about how to deal with your debts. We’ll also provide simple steps for you to follow to get things started. This will include instructions on how to deal with your creditors while you’re getting things set up.

If you're currently on an informal debt solution such as a debt management plan (DMP) with another provider then you’re welcome to use our debt advice tool.

If you currently have an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) or trust deed we recommend you talk to your insolvency practitioner before getting debt advice. This is because you’ve signed up to a legally binding agreement. They’ll be able to review your situation if you can’t afford the monthly payments or talk you through your options if you think it’s no longer the right solution for you.

"I wished I had asked for help before I got in to so much debt, and was ill with stress. StepChange made me feel so comfortable."

Julia, Devonshire