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How do I get a DMP?

How can I get a debt management plan?

If a debt management plan (DMP) is the best solution for you, a third party provider can usually set this up on your behalf. An example of a third party provider would be a debt charity or debt management company.

Your third party provider can review your finances and help you work out a budget to see if a debt management plan is the right debt solution for you. If it’s suitable for your financial situation, you’ll pay your provider an affordable monthly amount which is shared out fairly between your creditors.

In this section you can find out about how to get a DMP and who can manage one for you.

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Considering a DMP?

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How does a DMP work?

If you’re thinking about starting a debt management plan, you may have some questions about how DMPs work.

The first thing you need to do is work out a realistic budget you’re able to live on. This should include all your living costs, and payments to your household costs such as rent or mortgage payments, utility bills and food shopping. But it shouldn’t include the payments you’re making to your debts.

Your budget will show you how much money you've actually got available to pay your unsecured debts after all your essential costs are paid.

Once you’ve got an accurate, sustainable budget, your DMP provider will be able to arrange a monthly payment to your creditors using the amount you have left over after your living expenses and priority bills have been covered.

Sometimes people make their own reduced payment arrangements directly with the creditors. When you’re on a DMP, the third party provider does this for you. In our experience, creditors are more likely to accept a reduced payment if it’s made through a debt management plan or a token payment plan (TPP) with a reputable provider.

Considering a DMP? Get free debt advice first

Before you consider getting a DMP you should use our online debt advice tool. This will give you impartial and tailored advice to find out whether a DMP is the best option for you.

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