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Filling in bankruptcy forms. Our easy to follow guide.

Our easy to follow guide describes how to fill in your bankruptcy forms and what to do next.

Bankruptcy applications are changing in 2016

What forms do I need to go bankrupt?

Everyone who goes bankrupt in England and Wales, including our bankruptcy clients, need to complete two separate forms. The forms are only available online. If you don't have a printer at home you can normally pay a small fee and use one at your local library.

The forms you need are:

The cost of applying for bankruptcy in England and Wales is £705. This is made up of a £525 fee that is paid to the official receiver and a court fee of £180.

If you're on a low income or receiving certain benefits you can also apply for help with court fees by filling out an online form. This will mean you don't have to pay the court fee of £180.

How do I fill in my bankruptcy forms?

If you're not used to filling in paperwork then bankruptcy forms can look particularly scary.

The Debtor's Bankruptcy Petition (form 6.27) is only three pages long but it can be quite confusing as you need to complete most of it by crossing out words that don't apply to you. The Insolvency Service has put together some guidance notes which will help you fill it in.

The Statement of Affairs (form 6.28) is much longer at 29 pages, but it's easier to fill in as most of the questions are quite straightforward. They cover things like your personal details, any assets you have and details of your debts. There's also a guide from the Insolvency Service to help you fill this form in.

Six tips for filling in your bankruptcy forms

  1. Don't sign the 6.27 or 6.28 forms. You'll need to do this when you take your forms to the court so the clerk can witness you signing them.
  2. 'Round' all the amounts to the nearest pound. If it's less than 50p round down, if it's 50p or more then round up.
  3. Type or hand-write the forms. The text needs to be in black ink and capital letters. If you're hand-writing your forms then do a rough copy first or write in pencil and go over it in pen when you're sure you've got it right.
  4. Complete some items at the last minute. The assets pages of the 6.28 form can only be completed on the day you hand in your forms as you'll only know how much 'cash in hand' you've got on the day you go bankrupt.
  5. Fill in all the sections that apply to you. If you're not sure about dates, addresses amounts or account numbers then do your best to find these details out. Only use estimated dates or amounts if you really can't get the correct information.
  6. Make sure the information on your forms is truthful. Lying or hiding anything from the official receiver is a criminal offence.

Handing in your completed bankruptcy forms

You'll need three copies of the 6.27 and 6.28 forms. To save time (and a lot of effort) you can just fill one in and then photocopy it twice to get the other two copies.

It's better to photocopy your forms before you take them to the court, as the courts will often charge quite a lot for photocopying.

You only need to take one copy of the EX160 form.  You must take the correct proof of income requested on pages 17-22 of the guidance notes. If you don't have the proof and you're unable to pay the £180 fee, your hearing won't go ahead.

You'll need to take the following things with you to the court, as well as your completed forms:

  • The £525 bankruptcy deposit and £180 court fee in cash
  • Some proof of ID such as a passport or driving licence
  • A copy of your tenancy agreement, rent statement or similar if you live in rented property

The official receiver (OR)

An official receiver will be appointed to administer and investigate your bankruptcy. Once your bankruptcy has been granted the official receiver will arrange an interview over the phone or face to face and they'll take control of any assets you own. 


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