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Change your future.

At StepChange, we change people’s futures. Join us as an apprentice, and you could change yours too.

Top tips to help your application

Before you apply, read our top tips to help your application be the best it can be, to help you through our selection process, and to give yourself a great chance of being offered the opportunity to change your future.

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1. Work out what you want to do

We currently offer a number of apprenticeships across across the charity, and have others in the pipeline.

Before applying or registering your interest, work out which team you'd like to be a part of so you can tailor your CV and application to their specific requirements.

Work out which type of apprenticeship appeals to you, so you can make your application the best it can be.

Choose an apprenticeship
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2. Brush up your CV

Tell us why you’d be good for the role and for StepChange. Your CV should explain why you’re the right person for the role you’re applying for, and include:

  • Any work experience, your role and achievements
  • Any hobbies or volunteering you’ve done and what you learned
  • Skills you’ve developed in other areas of your life
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3. Do your homework

Find out as much as you can about us, what we do, and why we do it.

As an apprentice, you’ll be making a genuine life-changing difference to a huge number of clients, and we’re looking for people who have a genuine passion for helping others - and an understanding of why they need help.

Our 'About us' page is the perfect place to start!

About us

Frequently asked questions

Our Apprenticeships are open to anyone - not just school leavers. That means they’re fantastic option if you’re either looking for an alternative to going to University, or you’re already working and want to take your career and your life in a new and different direction.

What’s more, once you’ve completed the Programme, you’ll have a full degree or other qualification depending on the Level at which you join us, no student debt, up to three years’ work experience under your belt, and a permanent role here at StepChange.

We offer Apprenticeships from Level 3 through to degree equivalent Level 6. You’ll need to have GCSE Grades A-C in Maths and English to be eligible to apply for Level 3 Apprenticeships, and A-Level or equivalent for Level 6.

You don’t need any specific experience to join us as an Apprentice, but we will be looking for people who have lots of potential, together with a commitment to learning and building new skills. You need to be friendly, have a positive attitude and a passion for helping people, be full of ideas, and always up for a challenge.

We’re currently offering apprenticeships in a number of teams across the charity. You should choose the role that best matches your skills, interests and career ambitions. Read our apprenticeship descriptions to find out which one suits you.

As a StepChange Apprentice, your day to day activities will depend on your role and the department you’re in. But whichever role you choose, you’ll combine on the job learning and training with valuable work experience as you develop the knowledge, technical expertise, and time management skills you need to excel on the programme.

Of course! This is a permanent role, so you’ll be paid a full-time salary and you can find out exact amounts on our role profiles.

Yes. As well as learning practical skills through working in a real-life role, you’ll also have lots of opportunities to take time out to study the theoretical side of your Apprenticeship with our training provider.

You’ll work towards a full accredited Apprenticeship qualification, and your training provider, your line manager, and the rest of your department will support you to reach the level required.

Yes! Our Apprenticeship programme offer all the support you need throughout your learning journey, including a permanent job right from the start. Once your Apprenticeship finishes, you’ll move into a permanent role within our organisation, usually as part of the team or department you’ve been working with throughout the programme.

Frequently asked questions for caregivers and parents

In the current marketplace, an Apprenticeship is a great, low-risk option for a new career. That’s because Apprentices learn on the job in addition to gaining a good qualification to the equivalent of degree level, and they get paid at the same time. What’s more, there are no fees to pay which means Apprentices don’t get into debt while learning - and that’s obviously something we’re really passionate about here at StepChange.

While going to University can be a worthwhile experience, we believe that an Apprenticeship here at StepChange is a much better option.

Once your child has completed one of our degree-equivalent Apprenticeship Programmes, they’ll have a full degree level qualification, no student debt, up to three years’ work experience under their belt, and a permanent role here at StepChange on a higher wage than equivalent graduate schemes.

All apprentices are paid at least National Minimum Wage, however we’re committed to offering competitive salaries that are aligned with real jobs in our organisation, and exact amounts are available with our role profiles. What’s more, we also offer our Apprentices the same wide range of benefits that we offer everyone here at StepChange, so the rewards really are great.

We’ve designed our Apprenticeship Programmes so that they offer all the support your child will need throughout their learning journey, and we’re here to push and develop them to be the very best they can be. It means that anyone who joins us as an Apprentice today will discover a long and rewarding career path, including an incredible chance to become one of our future leaders, responsible for the overall direction of our organisation.

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