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This tool can be used by anyone in the UK on any debt solution. 

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Try our budget improvement calculator

Our calculator can tell you if things have improved

If you’ve managed to reduce your spending, your income has grown, or there’s been some other kind of improvement, you can use our budget calculator to find out if you’re able to increase how much you currently pay towards your debts. 

If you’re on a token payment plan, you would have struggled to pay more than a reduced amount to your debts at the time we advised you. This is what we call ‘a deficit budget’.

If you’ve seen an increase in your income, reduction in spending or other change in circumstances since you first contacted us, a different debt solution may be better suited for you.

How the budget improvement calculator works

The only information you need to use the checker is:

  • The amount you were in a deficit by. This will be on the budget we sent you. If you don’t have this anymore but you know roughly what the figure was, use an estimate.
  • What’s improved? Has there been a change of circumstances that means you have more money available for paying towards your debts?
  • How much has your income grown by? Whether this money is coming in every day, every week or every month, put the figure in and our budget improvement calculator will work out the rest. 

If you are using a mobile phone, turn it sideways to use the calculator.

Budget improvement checker

Please enter numbers only
How much is your deficit each month? £
What has improved?
How much more money do you have coming in? £
How much money have you managed to save? £

Your new budget amount is


Do you already have a debt solution?

Even if you have money available and you're on a debt solution, if your financial situation has improved it's important to find out how this will affect you. If you’re a client of ours please get in touch to look into other debt solutions that may be available to you.