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This solution is available throughout the UK. 

Keeping your creditors up to date about your situation

If you’re a debt management plan (DMP) or token payment plan (TPP) client we’ll send you copies of the written correspondence containing your budget that we've sent to your creditors.

By sending you copies of all written correspondence sent to your creditors, we’re keeping you as up to date on your plan as possible. If we have your email address this correspondence will be sent by email. If we don’t have your email address the correspondence will be sent by post.

When will you send these documents?

While you’re on your DMP or TPP, we’ll send your budget to your creditors whenever:

  • you review your budget, which you must do at least once a year and whenever your circumstances change,
  • a new debt is added to your plan,
  • a debt is removed from your plan and the payment offers to the remaining creditors have changed,
  • one or more of your debts is transferred to a new creditor, or
  • a creditor requests to see a copy of your most recent agreed budget.

What will you send me copies of?

The documents we’ll send you copies of will include:

  • a sample copy of the letter we sent to your creditor(s)
  • a summary of the payment offers we’ve made to your creditors
  • a copy of your latest agreed budget, and
  • a copy of the consent page of your signed plan agreement if required

Do I need to do anything with these documents?

No, you don’t need to do anything. They're simply meant to keep you informed about what we’ve sent to your creditors on your behalf. 

Whenever we send them to you, we’ll remind you that they’re just for your information.