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County court forms

Have you received county court forms for a money claim? Do you need help with court fees, eviction, paying a judgment or forms to deal with insolvency?

Here's a library of common court forms and guidance notes to help you respond to the county court or respond to a statutory demand from creditors.

Please note that the PDF documents on this page may not be suitable for screenreaders.

If you need help writing to your creditors we also provide sample letters to print and send.

Getting forms from the court is usually a sign that you need to get debt advice

How deal with county court claims

The following guidance notes are published by HM Courts & Tribunals Service and are useful to understand more about how CCJs work:

Claim letters from the county court

If a creditor has started court action to collect a debt, you'll receive these forms. You'll need to deal with this straight away.

Eviction and repossession

If a creditor has started court action to repossess your home or evict you from a rented property you’ll get these forms. Again, you need to get debt advice and deal with this as a matter of urgency.

Make a request to the court

The following forms are used after court action has started if you’re asking the court to make any changes, for example to stop further action or change the rate of payment.

Get help with your court fees

Courts charge fees for most applications. The following forms and links explain how much you could be charged and whether you’re entitled to a reduction in fees.

You can now apply online for help with fees if you have a low income.

Administration order application form

If you want to apply for an administration order use the forms below. You should get debt advice before doing this, to make sure it's the right option for you.

Free debt advice

Are you worried about your debt problem? You can get free debt advice using our online debt advice tool. It  will help you create a budget and give you tailored debt advice.

Or, if you’d prefer to talk to us, call us and one of our advisors will be able to help you.