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What is a DMP?

What is a debt management plan?

A debt management plan (DMP) is a debt solution that helps people pay their debt at a rate they can afford. It is best for people who find it hard to pay the amount they originally agreed.

You make lower monthly payments towards your debts during a DMP.

A DMP is good for people who:

  • Are finding it hard to keep up with debt payments, but
  • Still have money left over after essential living costs are paid

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Is a DMP right for me?

A DMP may be right for you if you can afford to make payments towards your debts, after you create a budget to cover essentials. Such as:

  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Transport

Because you will be paying the people you owe less than what you agreed each month:

It is hard to get credit during a DMP so you need to stick to your agreed budget.

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Common questions about DMPs

How can I create a budget for a DMP?

  1. Contact a debt advice organisation
  2. Create a monthly budget
  3. See if you can afford to make payments towards your debts

Find out more about how to make a budget.

Are all DMPs free of charge?

Some debt management companies charge a fee to oversee plans.

These fees may be included in the monthly payment that you make to them.

Paying a fee means that less money is going towards your debts each month, which means your DMP can take longer to pay off.

We would always encourage you to choose a fee-free debt advice organisation. This way, all your money is going towards paying off your debts.

Are all debts are included in a DMP?

Unsecured debts will be included in your DMP. This includes:

Priority debts will not be included in your DMP. Such as:

  • Most household bills
  • Your mortgage
  • A debt where court action has already been taken

Make sure you keep paying these at the agreed amount. Find out more about priority debts.

Can the people I owe still contact me when I am on a DMP?

Yes, the people you owe can contact you during your DMP.

They can also continue the debt collection process.

Find out more about interest and creditor contact on a DMP.

Can I change DMP provider?

You should be able to change DMP provider if you want to.

We suggest doing this if you are paying fees for your DMP.

Check your agreement to make sure there are no extra charges if you switch.

Read what to do if your debt management company has closed.

Choosing a DMP provider

We always think people should choose a fee-free DMP company.

No matter what you choose, it is important to do your research.

Here are some things you should check:

  • Is the DMP provider authorised by the FCA? You can check by entering their name or postcode online
  • Does the DMP provider look at all possible debt solutions? A DMP may not be right for you
  • What fees, if any, are involved? Are they paid upfront or as part of your monthly payments?
  • What happens if your circumstances change and you need to cancel or change your plan? Is there a fee associated with that?

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