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A snapshot of UK personal debt statistics in 2018

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Statistics Yearbook 2018

In 2018, more people than ever contacted us for debt advice. Our Statistics Yearbook takes an in-depth look at more than 650,000 people struggling with problem debt. Explore the latest personal and household debt trends of new clients who contacted us in 2018.

Number one

We’re seeing more single parents contacting us for advice

23% of our clients are single parents compared to the national average of 6% 85% of our single parent clients are women
Number 2

A reduced income, unemployment or redundancy, and illness or injury are the top three causes of debt

In 2018, 17% of new clients contacted us because of a reduced income, 17% contacted us because of unemployment or redundancy, and 16% due to illness or injury.

First is reduced income (17%) Second is unemployment or redundancy (17%) Third is injury or illness (16%)
Number 3

More clients than ever are contacting us for advice

In 2018, 657,930 new clients contacted us for help with their problem debt. That’s one new client every 48 seconds.


new clients in 2018

Contacted us 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014
   Telephone 252,269 264,856 320,019 314,676 321,134
    Debt Remedy 405,661 355,090 279,007 234,377 256,544
  Total new contacts 657,930 619,946 599,026 549,053 577,678
Number 4

Over half of our clients are in employment

In 2018, 55% of our new clients or their partner were in full-time or part-time employment. 31% were unemployed.

35% of our new clients are employed full-time, 20% are employed part-time, 31% are unemployed, and 14% are employed in other ways

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