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A snapshot of UK personal debt statistics in 2019

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Statistics Yearbook 2019

Between January and December 2019, StepChange Debt Charity was contacted by one new client every 49 seconds. 

Our Statistics Yearbook takes an in-depth look at personal and household debt trends for 2019.


Number 1

Women in debt

We have seen a growing proportion of women contacting us for free debt advice.

In 2019. three in every five new people contacting us for debt advice were women.
Number 2

Life shocks

In 2019, experiencing a reduction in income, unemployment or redundancy, or an injury or illness were the most common reasons for debt.

Three in four new clients said that a life event or an income shock was the main reason for their problem debt.
Number 2

Credit cards

Credit card debt continues to be the most common debt type among our clients.

In 2019, seven in ten new clients had at least one credit card debt.
Number 2

Housing situation

The proportion of clients renting their homes remains high.

In 2019 82% of our new clients were renters

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