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The Covid Debt Rescue Report

Help for renters to keep their homes.

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This latest report shines a spotlight on the risks faced by nearly half a million private sector tenants now in rent arrears.

Number one

11 million people have had to borrow to make ends meet

Millions of people have lost jobs, been furloughed or faced a drop in income and have had to borrow to afford the basics.

Severe problem debt amongst this group has grown to 1.8 million, up from 1.4 million in September.

Since March 2020, over 11 million people have built up £25 billion of arrears and debt to pay for essentials.

2.5 million people are at risk of financial crisis due to coronavirus
Number 2

Private renters are at risk

Compared to other household types, private renters are more likely be in jobs affected by the pandemic. Our research shows that, since March 2020, half of private renters have experienced a drop in income.

590,000 people have fallen into rent arrears
Number three

Half a million renters are behind on rent

The eviction suspension has frozen the problem temporarily but as soon as it is lifted (currently planned for end of May 2021), many private renters stand to lose their homes when the eviction ban is lifted.

Many of these households are families with children. For them, the legacy of Covid threatens to be one of prolonged housing insecurity, evictions and homelessness.

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