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When you are dealing with debt problems you can feel very alone. And you may think that nobody understands what you are going through.

But, just because it is normal to feel this way, it does not mean you should not seek help or tell someone how you are feeling.

You are not alone and there are far too many people who do understand the challenges you are facing. We encourage you to talk about your worries, whether it is with friends, family, colleagues, or a charity like us.

The reviews you see here are from people who did just that.

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Some of our clients have kindly shared their experiences with us in their own words.

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Cost of Living

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Tina on Feefo says:

"An all round excellent service! I have spoken to various people at Step Change and every single one of them has been so helpful, friendly and understanding. The process of entering into a DMP was easy, and really took a weight off my shoulders during this cost of living crisis. I'd recommend them to anyone who is having any problems with debt."

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Justine on Feefo says:

"Fabulous service, with the cost of living at the moment I got myself in a mess with handling the financial side of things which has caused a lot of stress and worries. StepChange have really helped and can finally get to grips with paying bills, and sleep better at night."

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Toni on Feefo says:

"Would recommend!! Amazing helped me immensely, especially with the cost of living going up and the financial pressure it put on myself and my family. I am budgeting and able to pay my debts less stressed and able to sleep better at night thank you."

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Lisa on Feefo says:

"Amazing charity. Absolutely fantastic. I was in a really negative space financially and mentally due to increased cost of living and debts. This was causing me issues within all areas of my life StepChange helped me to organise a debt management plan. The plan was fair and one I could actually afford meaning my debts were all going to be getting paid and I could finally sleep again and stop feeling so helpless, my anxiety lifted and I was able to feel like I could breathe."

Mortgage and Renting

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Julie on Feefo says:

"Excellent service from knowledgeable caring professionals. We contacted StepChange Financial Solutions for advice regarding equity release. We were advised this would not be appropriate for our circumstances and we were referred instead to one of their mortgage advisors. The staff are professional and you really get a sense they genuinely care about your financial welfare. They are professional and thorough in finding the right solution for you. The service they provide is excellent. We highly recommend them."

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Jessica on Feefo says:

"Great, quick and easy. StepChange has helped me a lot! I was seriously struggling with paying for the debts caused by my ex and staying on top with the rent and other expenses. I reached out to StepChange for help. The entire process was online. They set up the Debt Management Plan, and adjusted it to my affordability. I don’t need to worry about anything, as they’re taking a single payment from me each month, and spread it over my debts. If there’s a chance in my budget (like increased rent etc.) then I can easily do the budget review online, and StepChange will automatically adjust the monthly instalments to my new budget. Highly recommended! Please, if you’re struggling with your debts, do not wait any longer and reach for help!"

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Isha on Trustpilot says:

"Brilliant service. StepChange enabled me to have some thinking and breathing space whilst I dealt with rent arrears due to being out of work for two months. Once my token payment plan was up for review I then had a look at my credit file to see the best steps to deal with the accounts that had already defaulted. I can now plan my next steps. StepChange is a brilliant service and it does help with stopping the calls, the emails and letters."

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Elisa on Feefo says:

"The person who dealt with me, was very friendly, helpful and informative. StepChange helped to sort my lifetime mortgage. They were very helpful. Always keeping me up to date. Would definitely recommend. Thank you StepChange."

Physical and Mental Health

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Mark on Feefo says:

"I can't thank StepChange enough. Covid lockdown years severely affected our business and my health. Off the back of covid lockdowns business had virtually ground to a holt. Battling with long covid and anxiety. I wasn't sure which way to turn. StepChange was incredibly helpful, in particular assisting me put things into perspective (within my own mind mostly). I now have a debt repayment plan in place and am slowly working towards being debt free - forever. I can't thank StepChange enough for the help and advice they gave me."

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Darren on Trustpilot says:

"Only regret is not contacting them sooner! I suffer severe mental health problems and buried my debts hoping they'd go away. Several people had referred me to StepChange but only recently i decided to get in touch. They empowered me to write to all creditors rather than burying my head in the sand. If you are struggling financially I would recommend anyone to get in touch."

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Penny on Feefo says:

"Easy to use and very helpful. After finally admitting I need financial help, I complete an online debt form with StepChange to gauge how much debt I was in. I submitted the form and was contacted within a few days to complete the process. All my debts are now being sorted by StepChange, the single monthly payment to them makes it so much easier to manage my money. It’s also made such a big difference to my mental health as I’m not anxious worrying about money all the time."

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Spencer on Feefo says:

"Perfect in every way, StepChange has your back in tough times. They have supported me during my tough times, I'm 25 and suffer severe mental health and my financial status changed badly, and they have helped put a plan together to repay the lenders, it will take time to repay, but I am able to have a peace of mind that StepChange is helping with this. The team help was also very impressive and supportive towards me when I was explaining my circumstances to them."

Big Life Changes

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Rebecca on Trustpilot says:

"Practical Debt Management. After being made redundant and having to take lower paid jobs, as overwhelmed trying to manage credit cards and mortgage payments. At my first appointment I was supported with practical advice and guidance. I was given a form to complete with my outgoings and incomings, to highlight my priority bills. From a budget review it was calculated the amount affordable for me, and a debt repayment plan scheduled. It took commitment, dedication and patience to follow the plan, and I notified StepChange when my circumstances changed. StepChange took responsibility to notify my creditors, which was a relief and alleviated the stress. Several years later I am debt free and have learnt a lot of useful lessons, and grateful to StepChange for their ongoing support and advice. I always recommend to others who have similar issues."

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John on Feefo says:

"The help you need for the worst times. COVID nearly ended my life, and my recovery has been slow and still is, I had a well paid job and the usual credit, I was continuing to work but was killing myself and failing in my job. I had to reevaluate my life before losing my job and income this meant I would struggle to keep my debt repayments. StepChange took a very difficult decision I had to make and made it easier they created the plan and talked through the process without judgment. I would also point out I kept my creditors fully informed and as soon I said I was in discussions with StepChange about a plan I had no issues, I would caveat that by saying I get the odd phone call and letter but these are usually created by a computer rather than a person. Everyone is different and we all have different stressors in life, if I can give anybody who’s struggling with debt one piece of advice the feeling of having your life back on track when you start the process is massive."

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Maralyn on Feefo says:

"Very helpful charity. Helped me through my difficult situation after the loss of my husband. Would highly recommend."

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Martin on Feefo says:

"I found StepChange immediately took a load of stress of my mind, after just speaking to them over the phone. To find they were also a charity & their work would be absolutely free was excellent. I spoke to StepChange after being forced into retirement due to a cancer diagnosis. I can't fault them & I decided a debt management plan was the best route for me to go down. They are now dealing with all my debtors & I don't get those stressful phone calls any more. I highly recommend StepChange to all needing to get on top of debts."

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