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Real life stories

Hear from our clients – in their own words – about the impact that being in debt has had on them and the hurdles they’ve overcome on the way to getting help.

When people are dealing with debt problems they can feel very alone. They often think that nobody understands what they're going through. And many people are ashamed or scared to open up about their problems.

We know that debt can happen to anyone and it's nothing to be ashamed of.

People tell us that hearing about other people, in similar circumstances, can really help them to reach out for the support they need.

The stories you see here are from people who did just that, found the light at the end of the tunnel, and changed their debt stories.

Our clients, in their own words

Sarah's story

"For as long as I can remember, I would go round in circles, working out a budget, but then suddenly blowing it all, and having to start again. It didn’t matter how many times I re-worked my finances - I would just keep overspending. I also had a number of credit cards, all with a 0% fixed term period, so I’d spend on those too."

How Sarah dealt with her debt

Matt's story

"I was panicked about how to feed myself, couldn’t focus at work, and was worried about bailiffs turning up at my front door. I decided to get help, and that’s when I contacted StepChange. "

Find out more about Matt

How the Breathing Space scheme helped Thomas

Before getting into financial difficulty, Thomas was a Headteacher at a primary school. But his mental health suffered after building up gambling debts and he couldn't see a way out. The Breathing Space scheme gave Thomas time to take control of his debts and move forward. 

Find out more about Thomas

Salma's story

"It feels like there’s light at the end of the tunnel and I can’t wait to pay back my debts and move on with my life"

Read Salma's story - in her own words

Carol's story

"The advisors were really friendly, and helped me out.

"I was still trying to dig myself out of a hole, and with everything that was going on I just fell apart"

Carol's story

Nikki's story

"Before I was in debt, I lived a fairly comfortable life. I had worked abroad and was married with 3 children. However, after we separated, my ex-husband struggled financially and eventually the child maintenance payments stopped when my youngest went to university."

Nikki's story

"My anxiety levels were through the roof. I was worried that I was going to lose everything."

"It’s through blood, sweat and tears I’ve managed to carry on and get to where we are now, and to save our home."

"Getting debt advice and gaining freedom has been the best thing I’ve ever done."

"I want everyone to know about the help out there that is available because I had no idea beforehand."

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