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Notes to editors

Our approach

StepChange Debt Charity’s vision is a society free of problem debt. Our ethos is founded on helping people to repay their debts where they are able to do so. Where they cannot, we provide advice including where appropriate supporting them through insolvency processes. We help them recover from a financial crisis and avoid such problems in the future. The number of people helped by StepChange Debt Charity has increased by 80 per cent over the last three years.

Our funding

StepChange Debt Charity is majority funded by voluntary donations from lenders who support the work of the charity. All of the money repaid by StepChange Debt Charity clients on Debt Management Plans is used to repay their debt. This allows StepChange Debt Charity to retain its independence and ensure that its advice is always in the best interest of the client.


The StepChange Debt Charity Helpline is 0800 138 1111 and is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 4pm Saturday. If you use information supplied by us, please include our helpline number and website address, www.stepchange.org, in your article.

StepChange Debt Remedy

StepChange Debt Remedy is a free and confidential online advice tool that will recommend the best way for you to deal with your debts based on your personal budget. It takes just 20 minutes and provides the same expert debt advice that you’d get if you were to speak to one of our helpline advisors.

StepChange Debt Remedy is available 24 hours a day at www.stepchange.org/Debtremedy.

Using StepChange Debt Charity information

You are welcome to use any of the information contained in the Media Centre on the StepChange Debt Charity website, such as press releases, official announcements, statistics, research papers, articles, features and publications. All such items are considered to be in the public domain and may therefore be used as long as StepChange Debt Charity is clearly cited as the source of the information used.

All other material on this website, including all text, logos and images, is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. Other than from the Media Centre, as detailed above, no part of this website may be copied, reproduced, transmitted or translated to another language without prior written consent of StepChange Debt Charity except for your own personal, non commercial use.

If you require further information, the StepChange Debt Charity press office will be able to answer any queries you have.

Press office contacts:

Nasreen Memon, Head of Media and Public Affairs - nasreen.memon@stepchange.org

Sorana Vieru, Media and Public Affairs Officer - sorana.vieru@stepchange.org

Email: press@stepchange.org

Office: 0207 391 4583

Mobile: 07939 475 563

Follow us on Twitter: @StepChange and @MoneyAware

Press list

To be added to the press list, please email press@stepchange.org stating your name, position and the organisation you represent.

Case histories

On occasion it may be possible to provide details of clients who are willing to be interviewed about their experiences of being in debt. Requests, expressing a “wish list” of what details are required, including information such as age, sex and location, if these are important, should be emailed to press@stepchange.org.


Annual Review

We publish a yearly review of our operations, detailing new developments in the charity as we seek to increase the scope and quality of our provision for people in debt. The review also looks at how we lie in relation to the fast changing climate of consumer debt. Our latest annual review can be found on our research and reports page.

Annual Statistical Yearbook

The StepChange Debt Charity Statistical Yearbook is a yearly publication which analyses our client base in detail. It tracks socio-economic trends as well as changes in levels and types of borrowing, over a three year period to give perspective. It breaks down the information into demographic and regional divisions. The Statistical Yearbook serves as a respected, in-depth summary of the state of consumers’ problem debt in the UK. Our latest statistical yearbook can be found on our research and reports page.


From time to time, StepChange Debt Charity publishes other reports on specific topics, which will be made available on this website.

StepChange Debt Charity research is available upon request from the StepChange Debt Charity press office, or by visiting the research and reports page.

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“I wish to thank your staff for all the great help they gave me when I was in so much debt.
They were a pillar of support to me.” (Leslie, Essex)

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