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From Jan 2016 onwards

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The six ways to be richer and more secure in 2017 – The Times – 7th January 2017

BBC Radio 4 You and Yours – BBC Radio 4 - 5th January 2017 (from 11 minutes 15 seconds)

Debt, fuel costs, wealth and pensions - The Spectator - 5th January 2017

Warning as credit card debt hits a £66.7bn high: Families borrowing growing at the fastest rate for 12 years – Daily Mail - 5th January 2017

UK credit binge approaching levels not seen since 2008 crash – The Guardian - 4th January 2017

Britain's borrowing binge puts millions at risk – how to stay safe – The Mirror - 4th January 2017

British shoppers splurge as debt grows at fastest pace since boom year of 2005 – The Telegraph - 4th January 2017

Household debt rises to post-credit crunch high – BBC News - 4th January 2017

Overdid it at Christmas? Six ways to beat a debt hangover and start getting your finances back into shape – The Mail Online - 31 December 2016

Watchdog slams firms for not doing enough to help those who slip into debt –  City AM - 13th December 2016

Credit crunch: Household debt is rising just as the economy's future is uncertain – Daily Telegraph – 10th December 2016

The invisible credit card of the future – BBC News – 4th December 2016

Debt warning as amount of cash owed by families grows at fastest rate in 11 years – The Sun – 30th November 2016

Warning on the UK's colossal credit binge after amount owed on credit cards, loans and overdrafts soars by 11% to £190 BILLION – Daily Mail – 29th November 2016

BBC Radio 5 Live Drive – 29th November 2016 (from 51 minutes)

Shop around to avoid racking up a catalogue of pricey debt – The Observer – 28th November 2016

'I don't want to get punched in the head for a cheap toaster': ONLINE retailers enjoy record Black Friday sales as millions of shoppers switch to the web to avoid battles on Britain's High Streets – Daily Mail - 25th November 2016

Black Friday 2016: Experts warn shoppers of FAKE DEALS and overspending – Daily Express – 25th November 2016

No bun fights please, we're British – Independent - 22nd November 2016

Warning on the UK's colossal credit binge after amount owed on credit cards, loans and overdrafts soars by 11% to £190 BILLION – Daily Mail – 20th November 2016

Benefits, tax, rates, investing … will the autumn statement make a difference? – The Observer – 19th November 2016

25 texts and emails a day: how payday loan firms hound vulnerable borrowers – The Guardian – 12th November 2016

This is how to complain about a payday loan if you've been mistreated by a lender – Daily Mirror - 11th November 2016

Time to breathe: Why debtors need a break – Credit Strategy – 10th November 2016

Thousands still struggling with payday loan debts – Daily Mail – 9th November 2016

Higher inflation and rising debt threaten millions in UK – The Observer – 5th November 2016

Overruled! It turns out you CAN force banks to cap overdraft fees – Daily Mirror – 3rd November 2016

You and Yours – BBC Radio 4 – 4th November 2016

Relief at last from eye-watering overdraft charges? Watchdog probes fees that sting millions every month – Daily Mail – 3rd November 2016

Bank overdraft cap could be re-examined, says FCA – BBC News – 3rd November 2016

Regulator accused of letting down poorer bank customers – BBC News – 1st November 2016

Credit card debt grows at fastest rate since the financial crash: Households put anther £500m on plastic last month - bringing debt total to £66bn – Daily Mail – 1st November 2016

Growth in debt fastest since the crash: Record low interest rates fuelling biggest credit binge in a decade – Daily Mail – 28th of October 2016

The overdrafts worse than payday loans that trap people in a debt spiral - and how to beat them – Daily Mirror – 24th of October 2016

You and Yours – BBC Radio 4 – 24th October 2016

5 Live Daily – 5 Live (2 hours, 25 minute mark) – 24th October 2016

Dispatches – Channel 4 - 24th October 2016

Fears of a new debt binge after First Direct bank offers borrowers loans of up to £50,000 with no collateral – Daily Mail – 16th October 2016

Money Box Live: Can children's attitudes to money shape their adult financial lives? – BBC Radio 4 – 12th October 2016

Pressure mounts to cap runaway overdraft charges – Independent – 12th October 2016

Pressure mounts on FCA to introduce overdraft cap – City AM – 12th October 2016

Friends before food: why technology is more important than groceries for the cash-strapped – The Independent – 28 September 2016

Don’t let basic bank accounts go begging through ignorance – The Scotsman – 24 September 2016

Money Box – BBC Radio 4 – 10 September 2016

Charity deluged with 300,000 calls between January and June from people seeking help with debt – Daily Mail – 6 September 2016

Borrowing from friends and family can have serious consequences – The Spectator – 2 September 2016

Millions of families living in 'extreme debt' as loan costs spiral and wages are squeezed – Daily Mirror – 27 August 2016

More than 1.5m UK households in extreme debt, says TUC report – The Guardian – 23 August 2016

Collapse in pay value sees more than 1.5 million families in extreme debt – Daily Mail – 23 August 2016

Subprime lenders see silver lining after Brexit – Daily Mail – 21 July 2016

Payday lenders face Google ads ban – BBC World Service – 13 July 2016

Six million people pestered with nuisance calls every day – The Times – 13 July 2016

Call for cold-calling ban on loans – BBC News – 13 July 2016

The dangerous phone calls that can cost you thousands – Daily Mirror – 13 July 2016

Today marks 50 years of credit cards in the UK: Here are 15 facts you never knew about your flexible friend – Daily Mail – 29 June 2016

50 years on: How credit cards changed our relationship with money – BBC News – 27 June 2016

Credit unions helping bridge financial gaps – Herald Scotland – 12 June 2016

Lenders are forcing people into a vicious cycle of deepening debt – The Spectator – 10 June 2016

Runaway debt levels expose 14 million Brits to grave new financial risks – Independent – 3 June 2016

The sneaky card trick that banks use to push thousands of us deeper into debt – Daily Mirror – 3 June 2016

The 'gift' from your credit card that pushes you into debt: Unrequested credit limit increases harming borrowers, warns charity – Daily Mail – 3 June 2016

UK borrowing rises at fastest rate in more than a decade - The Guardian - 29 June 2016

Council tax bailiffs should be called off, say charities – BBC News – 4 May 2016

Record numbers of people in council tax arrears, say charities - The Guardian - 4 May 2016

Concern over use of bailiffs to chase council tax debts – Daily Mail - 4 May 2016

You and Yours - Debt and mental illness – BBC Radio 4 – 3 May 2016

Fears of households over-stretching on borrowing as consumer credit grows – Daily Mail – 29 April 2016

Consumer credit rises at fastest pace for 11 years – The Guardian – 29 April 2016

HISTORY REPEATING? Fears of ANOTHER financial crisis as borrowing reaches 11-year high – Daily Express – 29 April 2016

8 things that stop us saving - and how you can beat them – Daily Mirror – 8 April 2016

Single parents increasingly struggling with debt, says charity – The Guardian – 4 April 2016

Struggling generation rent is being driven into debt - The Guardian – 4 April 2016

Is government's Help to Save scheme a 'mis-selling' scandal waiting to happen? Former pensions minister thinks so... - Daily Mail – 16 March 2016

The vital role of credit unions in providing access to low-cost finance – The Guardian – 16 March 2016

Help To Save like 'stealing someone's car and offering them a lift to the bus stop', Labour says – The Independent – March 14 2016

Debt Buster: Misery for millions – new report shows scale of Brits crippled by credit – Daily Star - 13 March 2016

Debt management firm shut down after widespread errors as watchdog cracks down on the consumer credit market – The Daily Mail - 10 March 2016

Credit cards are pushing people into damaging long-term debt – The Independent – 9 March 2016

Fears of a debt boom as number of credit card borrowers asking for help soars 40% in four years – Daily Mail – 9 March 2016

Credit cards are pushing people into damaging long-term debt – The Independent – 9 March 2016

Millions use credit as a 'safety net' to meet everyday living costs - and two in five would struggle to raise £500 for a one-off buy – The Daily Mail – 29 February 2016

High cost of 'buy now, pay later': how catalogue debt adds up – The Guardian – 26 February 2016

It’s time to give everyone a push towards saving for a rainy day (behind paywall) – The Times – 24 February 2016

BT cracks down on cold callers with a breakthrough service to divert 25million nuisance calls a week to junk voicemail – Daily Mail – 11 February 2016

Low interest rates cost savers £160BILLION and spark yet another debt binge – Daily Express – 04 February 2016

Debt 'breathing space' called for to help families in crisis – Daily Mail – 03 February 2016

Households put another £4.4BILLION on credit cards and personal loans in December as debt rises at fastest pace in a decade – Daily Mail – 01 February 2016

Debt map of Britain revealed: The areas of the UK where households are most likely to seek advice over problem debts – Daily Mail – 25 January 2016

'Drowning' in debt as personal borrowing tops £180bn – BBC News – 20 January 2016

Councils' 2016 plans to slash welfare ‘leave poorest families on knife edge’ – Daily Mirror – 12 January 2016

Consumer debt climbing out of control, charities warn – The Independent – 4 January 2016

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