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How does a DMP affect me?

Can I go on holiday on a debt management plan?

There is no "rule" that you cannot go on holiday during your debt management plan (DMP). But, there is a limit on what you can afford while paying off your debts.

Your monthly DMP payments are based on what you can afford towards your debts.

Any holiday needs to keep your payments affordable.

A cheaper break may be possible with planning and budgeting.

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Considering a DMP?

We can help with free, impartial debt advice online now.

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How could I pay for a holiday during my DMP?

The budget you agree when you set up your DMP should let you put money aside for:

  • These are occasional expenses like:
  • Emergencies like:

    • Car repairs
    • Boiler repairs
    • Replacing a kitchen appliance
  • Savings

It is up to you how you use this money. It could go towards a holiday.

You should not pay for a holiday on credit. This goes against the terms of your DMP.

How do I budget for a holiday during my DMP?

Look at your monthly budget and think about your living expenses.

Make a budget for the time you are away.

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For example:

  • Let's say you are on holiday for a week.
  • Subtract a week’s amount of money from areas like:
    • Food, toiletries and clothing
    • Sports, hobbies and entertainment
    • Medical costs (in case you become ill on holiday)
    • Travel costs
  • This gives you an idea what you need to spend during your holiday

How can I reduce my holiday costs?

There are many ways to lower holiday costs or get certain things for free.

Here are some examples:

The holiday location

  • 'Staycations’ can cost less than leaving the country
  • There are many affordable places to visit in the UK
  • Look for out-of-season deals and sales


  • Off-peak travel times can cost less
  • Keep an eye on travel websites for deals
  • Sign up for email alerts about good deals on flights
  • Use cashback websites to book travel, accommodation and activities
  • Use local transport at your destination
  • Share a car and petrol costs with a friend to save money


  • Self-catering holidays tend to be cheaper
    • Cooking your own food saves money
    • Can you stay with friends or family and cook a meal during your stay, as a form of payment?
  • Look at being an in-house dog or cat sitter
    • You may look after a pet in another area
  • Borrow camping equipment from friends and family


  • Find free events or places to go at your destination
  • Check for deals on restaurants and activities in the area
  • Check ‘daily deal websites’ for deals on cottage breaks, city breaks, hotels and flights
    • Always read the terms and conditions

Holiday clothes and toiletries

  • Pack light to avoid heavy bag charges
  • See if friends and family have anything you could borrow
  • Go to a charity shop for holiday clothes
  • Take ‘multi-purpose’ toiletries
  • Save toiletry samples from magazines or the dentist. There are also websites where you can sign up for free samples

Can I plan a holiday for when my DMP is paid off?

The end date for your plan does not change much if:

Once your plan is over, you could:

  • Take the money you would have paid into your DMP
  • Put it towards a holiday

This depends on you sticking to your budget.

There is no harm in planning a holiday as your DMP comes to an end.

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