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Maintaining friendships when you are in debt

It is getting harder and harder to leave the house without spending money. It might seem easier not to see friends while you try to save.

Maybe you do not want to tell them your money worries.

Maybe you feel bad saying "no" when they invite you out.

Cutting off from friends is never a good option. Especially when dealing with debt.

Don't be ashamed - millions of people in the UK have money worries

Our expert team help thousands of people every week.

Free debt help is available online 24/7.

Asking for help can be hard.

Are debts causing you stress? Do you feel you never have the time?

Whatever the barrier, let’s deal with it together.

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Lots of our clients talk about feeling shame or regret about debt. But they should not.

That is an exhausting burden to carry around, especially alone.

Debt is an increasingly common part of our lives.

The key steps to dealing with debt are:

  1. Understanding you have a problem
  2. Looking for help to deal with it

You found this page. That means you are taking steps! Be proud of yourself.

The people who love you probably know something is wrong.

Financial stress can impact:

  • Your health
  • Your mood
  • Your personality

Tell them the truth. You are worried about money.

You will feel a relief getting it off your chest. But also:

  • They may be worried right now too
  • We are stronger when we support each other

Be open and honest about your situation

Tell a friend you trust.

They don't need details. Just explain:

  • Things are tough right now
  • You are taking control

Most people understand. Either they have gone through it or someone they love has.

Make sure your friend knows they are important to you even though:

  • Cutbacks mean you cannot go out
  • Stress may make you moody
  • You might be self-conscious

Make an extra effort to keep in touch

It can be hard to keep up with loved ones when you feel stressed or worried.

This can create a distance that is hard to make up later.

Here are two things to do even when you do not want to:

  • Explain what is going on
  • Tell people what you are going through
  • Apologise for being absent
  • Ask them to keep checking in on you

  • Set time aside
  • Reply to messages
  • Let people know you are ok
  • Try to do this every few days

Making an effort takes away the added guilt on top of your money worries.

It can really make you feel better.

Focus on the friends who understand

It may be that not everyone in your friendship group gets it.

Try to focus on the friends who do.

These might be people who:

  • Have been in a similar situation or
  • Know someone who has

Money worries and debt stress are more common than we talk about.

Many people suffer in silence.

By being open about your situation, you could:

  • Help someone recognise their problem
  • Inspire people to take action
  • Help others feel less alone

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