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What is stopping you from getting debt advice?

Don’t let debt problems get you down. Let’s deal with them together.

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We have been helping people deal with debt problems for over 30 years. We know that it can be hard to take the first step, especially if you are dealing with other things on top of your money worries.

We looked at the five main barriers to getting debt advice. Click on the links to find out how we can break down these barriers together.

1. I don’t understand what debt advice is and how it works

A lot of people say that. And that is understandable, especially if you have never needed debt advice before.

It is quite simple really.

Getting debt advice involves an impartial, expert look at your finances, where you:

  • Make a monthly budget, so you can see what you can and cannot afford
  • Learn about which debts you should pay first
  • Get recommendations on how to deal with your debts, including debt solutions

Our free debt advice is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can start and pause any time you like and you are guided through every step.

Always make sure you’re getting debt advice from a reputable source by following our ‘Check it, Trust it’ 5 step checklist.

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2. I am dealing with anxiety, stress or a mental health condition

Money worries and mental health are often linked. Did you know that around one in four people in debt also have a mental health condition?

You might feel trapped in a vicious cycle, but getting debt advice can help - even though it’s daunting to take the first step.

We know it can be difficult to manage and control your finances, and you may feel overwhelmed about how to get help.

We understand and we are here for you.

It may be harder for you to take the first steps because:

  • Communication can be difficult for you
  • You can struggle to concentrate
  • Problem solving and having clear thought processes is not always possible

Getting online advice allows you take things at your own pace. And we have specially trained advisors on hand if you need them. Let us know if you need us to adjust our service for you.

You can trust that when you come to us for help:

  • Whatever is happening to you, we will not judge you
  • We do what we can to support you, for as long as you need us
  • If you need us to adjust our service, just let us know
  • We work with specialist organisations who can provide more support, where needed

We have a range of useful resources to help you deal with your creditors and your debt stress.

3. I am worried about my credit file

That is understandable. Your credit file is important for lots of reasons. But is it more important than all the stress you live with now?

Coming to us for debt advice does not impact your credit file or involve any credit checks.

The truth is, your credit file could already be impacted if you are struggling to make payments.

Your credit rating is not permanent, it can recover. Deal with your debts now to stop the situation getting any worse.

At this point, you simply answer some questions and get advice from us. We do not tell anyone that you have come to us for help. Not your bank or the people you owe money to.

You will get detailed information on any debt solution you may decide to go ahead with after advice. The risks and benefits are clear. And we always tell you if a particular solution affects your credit rating.

But all that is further down the line. So, why not take one step at a time and see what your options are?

Ready to find out?

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4. I never have enough time to get debt advice

Maybe you work long hours, are caring for someone, or running around after your kids? Many of us struggle to find time in a quiet place to collect our thoughts.

That is why our advice is available online, night and day – seven days a week.

You even can go through debt advice without speaking to anyone. Once you get started, you can call our friendly teams or use our chat if you have questions.

So, find a quiet corner, wait for everyone to go to sleep and take things at your own pace. Make a start, then gather the information you need, to complete your advice when it suits you.

Make start today

Not quite ready? We can break it down into stages for you. Sign up for our 7 days, 7 ways email programme and we will guide you through the whole process, getting you ready for debt advice.

5. I am ashamed and do not want my loved ones to know

Debt can happen to anyone – you are not alone. And we will never judge you.

Since 1993, we have helped over 7.5 million people deal with debt worries and take back control of their lives. We have seen it all.

Reaching out for help is the first step on the journey to becoming debt-free, and taking that first step as soon as possible vital - 92% of our clients wish they got help sooner.


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