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Payment holiday for debt repayments

Credit card payment holidays

Taking a break from credit card payments can be helpful if you are struggling with your short-term financial situation. But, there are good reasons to avoid this until it is necessary.

What is a credit card payment holiday?

A credit card payment holiday is when your provider lets you stop payments for a while. They may stop payments in full or partially.

You might be able to apply for Breathing Space

If you are eligible, you could get Breathing Space. This means the people you owe will not be able to add interest or fees to your debts, or take enforcement action, for up to 60 days.

A payment holiday is temporary.

You still have to pay:

  • The full amount, and
  • Any interest added during the break

This means it takes longer to pay off your credit card.

  • Keep paying your credit card if you can
  • This saves you money by avoiding extra interest

Worried about your payment holidays ending? Find out what you can do.

Can I take another credit card payment holiday if I already had one?

Credit card payment holidays can be helpful. But you may need more support.

Free and impartial debt advice can help.

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How do I apply for a credit card payment holiday?

There are three steps in applying:

  1. Speak to your lender

Do not stop making minimum payments without speaking to your provider.

  • The provider and credit reference agencies count this as a missed payment
  • Missed payments are recorded on your credit file
  • Several missed payments put your account at risk of defaulting

  1. Request a credit card payment holiday

You may be able to request a payment holiday if:

  • You are going through financial difficulties and
  • Have spoken to your provider

  1. Your provider makes a decision based on your situation

They may ask you to:

  • Provide evidence of your financial difficulty
  • Complete an affordability test

They look at your situation to make a decision.

What happens at the end of my credit card payment holiday?

Card providers should find out if customers can restart payments at the end of a payment holiday.

Your provider should contact you to agree a plan for how you will repay the missed payments.

  • Your minimum payments rise if you take a payment holiday
  • This is because of interest added during the holiday

Let your provider know if you cannot afford to start payments again. They can give you some options.

Can my provider cancel my credit card if I take a payment holiday?

Your provider can cancel your credit card at any time. Let them know if you depend on your card for essential bills or payments.

I am behind on credit card payments. Can I apply for a payment holiday?

You may be able to get a credit card payment holiday if you are behind on payments.

Contact your provider to discuss the options.

Does a credit card payment break affect my credit rating?

A payment holiday is not marked as a missed payment on your credit file.

But, credit files are not the only way that lenders decide whether to lend to you.

Speak to your provider if you are worried about your credit score.

What other options do I have apart from a credit card payment freeze?

Consider the following options if you are struggling with payments:

  • A debt consolidation loan
    • This may be a cheaper than relying on your credit card
  • Find a credit card with a better deal
    • This depends on your credit rating
    • You may find a credit card that offers you a lower interest rate
    • Switch your balance to this cheaper card

What if I cannot pay my credit card this month?

Speak to your provider If you cannot pay your credit card this month.

Credit card payment holidays can help if you are dealing with short-term financial difficulties.

But, they will allow interest to build up while the holiday is in place. For this reason you should not take one unless it is necessary.

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