We aim to make our website as accessible as possible. However if you use a screen reader and require debt advice you may find it easier to phone us instead. Our phone number is 0 8 0 0 1 3 8 1 1 1 1. Freephone (including all mobiles).

Free and face to face debt advice

Face to face advice: Can I see someone to get help with my debt?

As a charity we offer free and confidential debt advice online and over the phone. We’ve been helping people deal with their debt problems for 30 years, using our experience to train expert advisors and develop professional online tools.

However, we understand that face to face debt advice (meeting someone in person) may sometimes be more suitable for you. If you get in touch with us by phone or online and then decide you’d prefer face to face advice, we’ll encourage you to visit fellow debt advice charities.

Different ways to get help with debt

Wherever you get help with your debts, do make sure the advice is free, confidential and unbiased.

You may find you prefer getting online debt advice if:

  • You find it difficult to talk to someone about your financial situation
  • You find it easier to have an advice session later in the evening
  • You're more comfortable with online interactions than using the phone, as many of our clients are

You may prefer speaking to someone over the phone if:

  • You find it reassuring to talk though your situation
  • You prefer to hear a friendly voice at the end of the phone

You may prefer to speak to a debt advisor in person if:

  • You find it hard to communicate over the phone
  • You’re not able to use online tools
  • You find it more difficult to read and write and would like someone to help you
  • You need help with other issues alongside your debt, for example housing, employment, benefits or immigration advice

Our online debt advice is available 24 hours a day

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Where can I find face to face debt advice?

Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland provide face to face support and assistance within the community. They operate from over 3,500 locations across the UK including the high street, local community centres, doctors' surgeries, courts and prisons.

In addition to providing telephone, online and face to face support, some local branches of Citizens Advice can also arrange home visits and some provide email advice. Some also use text/SMS, chat and webcams to give advice.

As well as Citizens Advice there are many independent advice centres operating across the country, often from community centres or churches.

Our friends at Christians Against Poverty operate a number of schemes, for example. These can often provide face to face debt advice. Money Helper, formerly The Money Advice Service, also has a handy debt advice locator tool to help you find free advice agencies in your area.

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How we can help

If you'd prefer to get debt advice over the phone or online, we can help. Our expert advice can help you deal with your debt problems by offering practical debt advice and solutions tailored to your situation.

You can use our free online debt advice tool, which can give you confidential advice, 24 hours a day.