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Not all debt advice is trustworthy.

Find out how to get advice you can trust

There are some companies that only push one way to deal with debt. They sell debt solutions like IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangements) and Trust Deeds because they can make money from them. But those solutions might not be right for you.

Those companies are also on social media and you can often see them at the top of your online search results when you look for ‘debt advice’. Most of them say things like ‘Government-backed quick and easy debt write-off’. 

Some companies also pretend to be us online and on social media. They have names like 'Step to Change' or 'Step Changing’. They can also pretend to be charities like Citizens Advice or National Debtline. They do this to make it seem like you can trust them. 

Before you get debt advice

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To make sure you are getting debt advice you can trust, take these steps:

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Check they are approved
Search online for the ‘FCA register’ and check they are on it. If they are, read the small print. Some companies are on the register, but when you read the ‘what can this firm do in the UK’ section, they have ‘limits’ on giving ‘debt counselling’. Remember, local councils are not on the register but they provide trustworthy advice.

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Check what they say
Saying things that are too good to be true, like ‘Government-backed easy and quick debt write-off’ could be a red flag. Good debt advice also doesn’t just push one way to deal with debt, like selling you an IVA or Trust Deed. It gives you choices.

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Check it is honest
Some companies pretend to be us. Check their web address, if it is not www.stepchange.org, it is not us. Check their logo to make sure they are not copying ours. It is also a red flag if they don’t have contact details on their website.

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Check your details are safe
Some companies take personal details like your first name, last name and date of birth to sell them. Other people can then use your details to get to your bank accounts, take your money, or apply for credit cards. Ask the company what details they want, who they are sharing it with, and how they are keeping your details safe. You can also ask for their ‘privacy notice’ which offers information about how they will use your details.

Find out how to spot companies pretending to be us

If you come across one of these clone firms, we would like to hear about it. Find out how to report a misleading ad or clone firm.

I have been contacted out of the blue

Most of the time, we will not contact you without letting you know. Sometimes we do though, but only when we have to speak to you about a payment.

If a company calls or emails you out of the blue when you have not already spoken to us, it is not us. We will never appear on your phone as 'StepChange' when we call you, or message you via apps such as WhatsApp. If you are not sure, contact us and we will be able to help.

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