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Client outcomes during Covid 19:

Understanding client outcomes during the Covid 19 pandemic

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Out latest report on client outcomes following debt advice

Since 2017, StepChange Debt Charity has been measuring the ‘outcomes’ of our clients at three, nine and 15 months after their initial debt advice session.

The ‘outcomes’ we measure include a client’s financial situation at different stages after advice, as well as other aspects of their life such as overall wellbeing.

This important piece of client research allows us to measure of the value of our service and evidence why debt advice matters. The findings also help us to understand more about how our existing solutions and services are working, as well as the practices of other organisations.

This research also helps us campaign for change by providing an evidence base of the issues that clients have at different points of their journey through problem debt.

This is the third report as part of the Client Outcomes project. Our previous reports include ‘Measuring Client Outcomes’ (published in February 2019), and ‘Paths to Recovery’ (published in March 2020).

Our latest report, Client Outcomes during Covid 19, finds:

Our latest report compares the experience of clients who sought advice before the pandemic to those who sought advice during the pandemic. The report finds that the Covid pandemic has had a very distinct impact on the progress of clients after debt advice.

Number one

Clients were on a different path towards financial health during the pandemic

During the pandemic, our clients’ initial progress (at three months) is slower than before the pandemic, but by nine months after advice, progress appears more positive than before Covid.

Graphic shows the different paths clients took towards financial heath pre and during the pandemic
Number two

Client outcomes were worse among those who were financially affected by Covid-19

The financial impact of Covid-19 directly negatively impacted the outcomes of two in five clients. These clients had a more difficult path towards financial health after debt advice during the pandemic.

Three months after advice, 60% of clients not affected financially by covid had made fair progress, compared to 72%
Number 3

Wellbeing worsened during the pandemic

StepChange clients reported worse average wellbeing scores during the pandemic. This followed a broader trend in the UK population. However, the link between poorer wellbeing and problem debt remains clear. Our clients continued to report lower levels of wellbeing than the UK population.

Overall satisfaction among our clients during the pandemic fell from 5.81/10 to 5.36 - compared to 7.39/10 of the overall UK population

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