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Debt advice in Scotland

Whatever your situation, our expert advisors based in Glasgow will be able to help.

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Wherever you live in Scotland, StepChange Debt Charity is here to help you. We provide free debt advice tailored to your individual circumstances and in line with Scottish debt law.

We’ll look at your individual circumstances, work out a manageable budget and provide you with specifically tailored advice that will help you deal with your debts and get you back on track. 

You can use our online debt advice tool which gives you help with your debts in just 20 minutes. Or you can call our free helpline. We’ll take some initial details from you and book you an appointment with one of our Scottish debt advisors. 

3 steps to getting advice and debt solutions

1. Tell us your situation

Give us details about your debts, income and outgoings and we'll help you create a budget.

2. Explore your options

You'll get a personal action plan and recommended debt solutions that suit your situation.

3. Choose your debt solution

We'll help you get things set up and give you the support to deal with your debts, however long it's needed.

Debt solutions available in Scotland

There are a variety of debt solutions available to help deal with your debts. You can find our more about available Scottish debt solutions below.

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Debt arrangement scheme (DAS)

These are run by the Scottish Government and, with the help of an approved money advisor, allow you to repay your debts through a debt payment programme (DPP). You make one monthly or weekly payment to your creditors. While the DPP is in place your creditors can't take any further action against you.

Find out more about DPPs under the debt arrangement scheme
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Protected trust deed

Protected trust deeds are only available in Scotland and are a legally binding arrangement between you and your creditors, where you repay your debts over a four year period. During this time you make one monthly payment and at the end of the four years any remaining debt is written off.

Find out more about protected trust deeds
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Sequestration (bankruptcy)

Sequestration bankruptcy is only available in Scotland and writes off debts you can't repay in a reasonable time. But it has serious implications.

Find out more about sequestration
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Minimal assets process (MAP)

A MAP bankruptcy is only available in Scotland and is a way of writing off debts you can't afford to repay but you must meet the criteria to qualify.

Find out more about MAP bankruptcy

Debt management plan (DMP)

Our DMPs are free and are available nationwide. You make one affordable monthly payment to us and we distribute this fairly to your creditors.

Find out more about our DMPs
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Token payment plan (TPP)

A token payment plan offers temporary breathing space by making small payments to your debts to show you're willing to pay but can't afford to for the time being.

Find out more about a TPP
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Settlement offers

If you have a lump sum of money or an asset, for example a property, a car or savings, you may be able to use these to help clear your unsecured debt.

Find out more about settlement offers
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Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is when you take out one large loan to repay all of the other debts you have. This can be a risky solution to your debt problem.

Find out more about debt consolidation

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Get expert debt advice and a personalised debt solution in around 20 minutes.

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Other services available in Scotland

We can help you if you're thinking about releasing equity, need mortgage advice or ways to make your money work harder.

Find out more about creditor action in Scotland

Trying to work out what your creditors can and can’t do is often the most stressful part of being in debt. The important thing to remember is not to panic. Whether it’s a phone call or a letter from the court, we can help. 

Who we are

We have expert advisors who specialise in giving free debt advice to people living in Scotland. Our office in Mitchell Street in Glasgow was opened in 1997. In 2013 we moved to an office on Bothwell Street in Glasgow where we deal with thousands of new clients every year.

Whether it's talking about how to improve your situation or dealing with your debts through a DAS, our Scottish debt advisors are there to make sure you have the information and support you need. 

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“I wish to thank your staff for all the great help they gave me when I was in so much debt.
They were a pillar of support to me.” (Leslie, Essex)

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