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Debt advisor Kirsty explains why it's good to talk about debt

Kirsty is one of our expert debt advisors who helps people over the phone and online. Like the rest of her team, Kirsty understands that people can often feel nervous or embarrassed when it comes to asking for debt help.

Kirsty explains: "A lot of people feel quite stressed and emotional when they contact us.

"Debt can be very overwhelming, so it's good that they can speak to us so we can reassure them that there is a positive way forward.

"Sometimes, people prefer to contact us online, because it might be the first time they've ever sought debt advice. A lot of people feel embarrassed and vulnerable when they speak to us, so being able to be anonymous at the start is quite reassuring for them. It just makes it easier for them to make that first step."

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These feelings are natural when dealing with the stress and anxiety of financial worry, but if you think you might have a debt problem, it's important that you get help as early as possible.

Kirsty continues: "There's no need for people to feel embarrassed about getting debt advice, it happens to all sorts of people, for many, many reasons - reasons that are often out of their control.

"You're not on your own. Help is always at hand at StepChange, and we have many experienced debt advisors who can find you the right solution.

"We can always do something to help."

Jamie smiling

You're not alone

Many people struggle to ask for help. Jamie struggled with his mental health under the stress of mounting debts when he lost his job.

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