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Debt Awareness Week

Debt Awareness Week 2021 is all about destigmatising debt. We want to help people feel comfortable asking for the help they need, and ease any worries they may have about being judged, or feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

The fact is, anyone can fall into debt - and for all kinds of reasons.

This means, even if your money worries leave you feeling lonely, you're not alone.

If you don't feel ready to get debt help, then telling someone about your struggles is the first step to getting things back on track. We've put together some guides and created a new tool to help you start those difficult, and often very daunting conversations.

Let's start talking about debt. You'll be amazed by the weight that's lifted from your shoulders once you take #TheFirstStep.

Ready to take #TheFirstStep?

If you're ready to share your worries but don't know where to start, use our handy online form to break the ice . We're here to help you - let's take that first step together.

Tell someone you trust

We're here for you

If need help with your debts, you can turn to us. Our online debt advice tool is available when ever you need it and will recommend the best solution for your situation.

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Want to help someone in debt?

If someone you know seems to be struggling with money worries or debt stress, we can help you to help them.

A lot of people find it awkward talking about their feelings, and even more so about their finances. Take a look at our guides below for tips on how to let them know they're not alone by raising your concerns in and a kind and supportive way.

Facing debt and money worries together

Whether you're worried about money, or about someone you care about, take a look at our guides for help approaching difficult conversations, as well as advice on maintaining your relationship through times of financial stress.

How our clients took the first step and never looked back

It's natural that you might be nervous about opening up about your money worries - doing anything for the first time can seem scary!

Take a look at what our clients have said about their own experiences and how getting the courage to talk about debt helped them turn their lives around. We hope this gives you a little reassurance and the confidence to take #TheFirstStep.

Need debt help?

We understand it can be hard to talk about debt and money worries, that's why we offer free debt advice online. We'll recommend the best help for your circumstances and never judge your situation.

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