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DebtDay 2016: Spreading the word about free debt advice

Thanks for supporting #DebtDay

On Monday 18 January 2016 we ran a #DebtDay on what was predicted to be our busiest day of the year. On this day we spread the word about free debt advice across social media with the aim to reach the people that needed our help.

On #DebtDay tens of thousands of people across the UK decided to deal with their money worries. With your help we were able to let them know we were there for them if they needed us. We just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping us share our message.

So what happened on #DebtDay?

There was lots going on throughout the day and we received an overwhelming amount of support from a variety of organisations, clients and MPs. Without your support we couldn't have helped the amount of people we were able to. Here's a look at just a few of the highlights from this year's #DebtDay.


debt reported for #DebtDay 2016

Last updated: 12 midnight, Monday 18 January 2016

Our Thunderclap campaign launched

We launched our Thunderclap campaign and hundreds of you agreed to share our message about free debt advice on social media. We achieved a social reach of 478,282 and this grew throughout the day as our message spread.

We posted live updates on our blog

With so much happening, we wanted to make sure our supporters were able to keep up to date with what was happening on #DebtDay as it happened. We posted live updates on our MoneyAware blog throughout the day, including updates from our advisors about the people they'd helped on the day, messages of support we received and our hourly debt totaliser.

Hundreds of you supported #DebtDay

We had an overwhelming amount of support on #DebtDay from various organisations, MPs and clients. Here are just a few of the tweets we received.

The word spread across social media

We got a lot of support on social media throughout the day. Here are some of our statistics:

  • 534 retweets on Twitter
  • 1,089 mentions of #DebtDay on the day itself
  • We reached around 5,000,000 people on social media

We gave you a glimpse into a day at our charity

We produced a new video showing an insight into the size of our charity and how we're here to help anyone in debt.

We reminded people what #DebtDay is all about

By spreading the word about free debt advice you could be helping someone you know without even realising it. Whether it's a colleague, family member or friend you never know who you could be helping by spreading our message.

A total of £51,733,351 worth of debt was reported to us

As the day went on our hourly debt totaliser crept up. As expected, over £50 million worth of debt was reported to us throughout the day either through phone calls or on our online debt advice tool. Thanks again for supporting #DebtDay 2016.