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What can my creditors do? Action to reclaim debt

If you fall behind with payments to your debts, your creditors are likely to take some action to get you to pay them back.

They’ll usually contact you by letter or phone, and in some cases they may visit you at home.

If you’re in a lot of arrears and you’ve not made some arrangement to pay them back your creditors might eventually start court action.

All of this can make you feel under pressure to pay money you can’t afford.

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What are your rights with creditors?

Knowing what your creditors can and can't do, understanding the process they use to collect debt, and most importantly understanding your rights, can help to get rid of a lot of worry and uncertainty.

This section provides all the information you need to know about what is likely to happen when you can't afford to pay your debts.

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In this section:

  1. Charges and interest on debts
  2. Bailiffs and debt collectors differences
  3. Debts passed to a collection agency
  4. Can debts be sold on?
  5. Dealing with letters from creditors
  6. Dealing with calls from creditors
  7. Default notices and missed payments
  8. Home visitors from debt collectors
  9. Solicitors letters about debts
  10. Right of offset
  11. How does debt affect a credit file?
  12. Creditor contact on an IVA