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Get help with rising living costs

Increases in food prices and energy bills are making it harder to keep to a budget. If you've not chosen a solution, you can change your details on income, spending and debts.

Read our cost of living guide

Get your budget into shape

By making sure you're getting all the benefits and other financial support you're entitled to, you can make great progress in improving your financial situation.

How to maximise your income

Questions our clients often ask us

If you’ve lost your personal action plan, you can download another copy by logging back into advice.

If you need a copy sending to you by post, you can select that option on the page where you download your plan.

Yes you can. Many creditors will ask for this, as it can help them to understand your situation. You can download a copy of your budget in your personal action plan by logging back into your advice.

We’re sorry to hear you’re having difficulties accessing your advice. Please read our guide which explains how to deal with any issues you might be having.

To be eligible you must:

  • Live in England or Wales
  • Owe at least one qualifying debt to a creditor

And you must not:

If it looks as though you're eligible for Breathing Space, we'll explain how to apply during your advice session, whether you're having a debt advice session online or over the phone. Find out more about how Breathing Space works.

If a creditor takes too long to take action to recover a debt it becomes ‘statute barred’, meaning it can no longer be recovered through court action. Find out if your debt is statute-barred.

My Breathing Space is coming to an end, what do I do next?

If your debt solution has been set up

If you completed your debt advice during your 60 days of Breathing Space, we'll get in touch to confirm that your Breathing Space has ended.

If your solution hasn't been set up

If you haven't completed your debt advice and don't have a debt solution in place, you’ll need to continue making payments towards the debts that were included in your Breathing Space application if you can afford to. You should get debt advice as soon as possible.

Read our guide to what to if your Breathing Space is ending.


What our clients say about us

I can manage my finances sensibly, and I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel."
- Fiona, Lancashire

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To see your personal action plan, check your details or find out how to go ahead with your solution, log in here.