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Making a budget

The benefits of numeracy skills

We use numeracy skills in all aspects of life without even realising it, but over 18 million of us lack the number skills to manage our money. This can have a direct impact on knowing how to stay in control of our finances.

Being better with numbers is something we can all learn, no matter our age. It's never too late to improve your numeracy skills. Here are our top reasons to make numbers work for you.

Feeling in control of your finances

Having even basic number skills helps you understand how to manage your money better, how to create a budget and adapt to it, and avoid debt in the future. Being able to understand what your money’s being spent on, and how long payment terms are, can make a big difference in your ability to manage your finances.

Developing your career

Did you know that those with good numeracy skills are more likely to be employed? It’s not just about being able to do quick sums. Numeracy is also about thinking logically, being able to solve problems, processing information and interpreting data.

Spotting a good deal from a bad one

Knowing how to spot a good offer from a ‘not as good’ offer in supermarkets can help you save money. And, having the numeracy skills to understand how much a credit card or loan will cost in interest can help you budget better.

Looking after your health

Just as there’s a link between debt stress and mental health, there’s also a link between good numeracy and good health. Numeracy skills are useful for understanding food labels, measuring medicine, self-managing illnesses, and even understanding leaflets at the doctor’s surgery.

Boosting your confidence

Many of us are just getting by when we could be getting ahead. Feeling better about yourself and feeling confident in your abilities can make a huge difference to how you manage everyday situations.

Deal with your debts

If you have debts and you’re struggling to pay them try using our online advice tool. We will give you free, impartial debt advice that’s tailored to your situation. We’ll be able to help you find the best way to manage your debts.

Useful numeracy links

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