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Let's talk about money

We're supporting the Money & Pensions Service (MAPS) in encouraging people to open up about their money worries.

Want to talk about your debt?

Few topics are more awkward to talk about than money and pensions. That’s why we're supporting the Money & Pensions Service (MAPS) have launched their Talk Money Talk Pensions Week campaign.

Talking openly about money is vitally important for our:

Even so, many people still find talking about money difficult. At the very least it can make us feel awkward. Some of us worry that we’ll be judged or treated differently once we talk about our financial situation.

Not only is it worthwhile to talk about money, it’s essential. And the more we talk about it, the easier it becomes.

What is Talk Money Talk Pensions Week? 

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The idea behind MAPS’ Talk Money Talk Pensions Week campaign is simple. All of us can start a conversation about money or pensions, and see where it goes. By talking, we can:

  • Share our money and pension worries, which could reduce our stress
  • Take a closer look at our spending habits, and get ideas on how to save money
  • Find out how to get help with debts

During Talk Money Talk Pensions Week, we’ll be looking at:

  • How talking about money and pensions can improve our health and wellbeing
  • All the ways we can improve our finances by talking about money
  • Why having important conversations about money can improve our relationships with our friends and family

What are the benefits of talking about money and pensions?

Research shows that people who talk about money and pensions tend to:

  • Make better and less risky financial decisions
  • Have stronger personal relationships 
  • Feel less stressed or anxious and more in control
  • Reduce the stigma around being in debt.

And the more often we talk about it, the greater the benefits.

Feeling ready to talk about debt?

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How do I start a conversation about money or pensions?

If you want to start talking about money, you can start as big or as small as you like. You could get a conversation started by:

  • Sharing your savings goals with your friends or family.
  • Talking to your kids about money. Children’s money habits are formed as young as seven years of age. Money Advice Service have put together a guide with lots of fun, easy ways to start talking to your children about money
  • Getting confidential debt advice from a free organisation such as StepChange

Opening up about your plans to others means that you could get valuable support from those around you. They can help you stay on track, or share their own savings goals, so you can help each other


What if I can’t talk about money right now?

Not everyone feels ready to talk about money or pensions immediately.

For some, these are complex, emotional topics that can bring up difficult or uncomfortable feelings. And the more we keep those feelings inside, the more they can grow. We may worry that we’ll feel judged or lacking in basic skills and understanding.

On average, it takes a year for a person to get in touch with StepChange for debt advice after first recognising that there might be a problem. 

Frequently, it’s not until a relatively simple issue becomes much more serious that a person chooses to seek help. This can cause a great deal of stress that could be avoided if the conversation had started sooner.

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