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Divorce, separation and your home

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How divorce or separation can affect your home

Separating from a partner can be a huge life change. It can impact your finances and mean you have to move. But there options such as downsizing, changing your mortgage and looking into joint liability.

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Joint liability on your mortgage

You have ‘joint and several liability' if:

  • You have any joint debts with your ex-partner
  • Your mortgage is in both your names
  • Your secured loan is in both your names

This means you need to pay what is owed if your partner cannot.

Find out about this as soon as possible.

Apply for a ‘notice of disassociation’

This will:

  • Stop your ex-partner's debts appearing on your credit file
  • Protect your credit rating

Credit reference agencies like Experian or Equifax can help you.

If you or your partner have debts, it can affect you and your home.

Read our guide to debt and your home.

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Work out a budget

Making a realistic budget is an important first step.

Mortgage lenders need to see what you can afford. Read more about making a budget.

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Deciding what to do with your property

Here are some options:

Selling the property

You may agree that selling is the best option if you are co-owners.

This could:

  • Offer you a fresh start
  • Free up some equity
  • Help you pay off debts

Remortgaging to buy your former partner out

You could agree to buy the other person out if you want to stay in the home.

You would need to:

  • Re-mortgage the property
  • Make it in one name only

Read our guide to remortgaging


You may want to consider moving somewhere smaller.

This may:

  • Reduce your living costs
  • Give you some extra money
  • Reduce your mortgage payments

Taking legal advice

Talk to a legal and financial professional before:

  • Making any decisions
  • Taking any action

You may want to look at our list of further legal support resources.

Seeking help for debts

Getting free of debt will:

  • Make mortgage payments easier
  • Take some pressure off
  • Let you focus on the future

We can help.

Get free and confidential debt advice online now.

We will:

  • Build a budget with you
  • Recommend the best way to deal with your debts
  • Tell you about other organisations that can help

Always get advice from an expert financial and legal advisor before taking action.

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