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What is buy now, pay later?

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is the name for a kind of credit payment that allows you to purchase goods, but pay for them either later or by instalments. However, newer buy now, pay later providers such as Klarna, Paypal, Laybuy and Amazon make it easier to shop online without having to pay straight away.

Shops and catalogues have offered their customers the option of putting off payment since long before the arrival of internet shopping.

The new online providers let their customers ‘spread the cost’ of shopping online. You can either

  • pay later, which means delaying payment for a purchase for between 14 and 30 days, or
  • ‘slice’ the payment into smaller chunks that can be repaid over several months.

It’s really important to recognise that you should treat BNPL like any other debt, and never borrow more than you can afford. If you can’t pay what you owe on BNPL, contact us for free, impartial debt advice.

What makes ‘buy now pay later’ popular?

BNPL online is instant, easy and simple. It achieved popularity quickly, particularly with the growth of Klarna.

The flexibility of the payment options means not having to wait until you have the money in your bank account before shopping. For people looking for the best bargains and deals that are only available during a limited timeframe this can be handy. BNPL is also convenient for online clothes shoppers, as it lets you ‘try before you buy’. This means you order clothes or shoes, and then if you don’t want them, you can return them before the first payment is taken.

BNPL providers are popular with online retailers because they make it less likely you’ll abandon your shopping basket. However, cancelling your purchase is exactly what you should do if you can’t afford to buy.

Lease or hire agreements

It can be difficult to keep track of BNPL purchases, making it more challenging to keep to a budget. It’s important to keep a record of:

  • How much you paid
  • How much you ‘sliced’
  • When the payment dates are

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Late payments on buy now, pay later

When you’re making BNPL purchases, it’s not easy to keep track of when you need to make payments, especially if you’ve chosen to ‘slice’ the payment over several months.

If you’re late paying for your BNPL purchases, interest and charges can mount up. If you can’t pay what you owe, BNPL lenders can use the same debt collection methods as other lenders of unsecured debt.

Buy now pay later debts are covered by the Consumer Credit Act .

Buy now, pay later and your credit file

It’s important to be aware that like any financial service, using BNPL can affect your credit score. Certain BNPL lenders make a ‘hard’ credit check every time you spread payments over a long period.

These checks will appear on your record and a large number of hard credit checks can affect your credit score.

Failing to make a payment on time will also have a negative impact on your credit score.

Think first before you buy now, pay later

When you’re shopping online, it’s a good idea to ask yourself these questions before you make a purchase using BNPL:

  • Is the money needed for the purchase within your weekly (or monthly) budget?
  • If BNPL was not available, would you still make the purchase?
  • Is what you’re buying a necessity?
  • Can you wait for the item until you next have some money to spend?

It's also worth thinking about how you can save the money in advance to avoid using buy now, pay later. You might consider:

  • Budgeting an amount each month for online shopping
  • Selling unwanted items first, to raise money you can spend on purchases
  • Reducing your outgoings in other areas, to save money

Buy now, pay later help and debt advice

If you’re regularly deferring payments or spending too much on buy now, pay later shopping, it may be a sign you need debt help. Get free, expert advice about debts and managing your money. Contact us (free from all landlines and mobiles) or try our online debt advice tool.

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You're in control

Based on your answers it sounds like you’re in control of your repayments.

Because you’re not missing any payments and you’re not just paying the minimum each month, you’re reducing your balance. You’re also saving money by not paying interest.

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Based on your answers, it sounds as though you’re mostly keeping on top of your repayments at the moment.

That’s great. By paying more than the minimum payment each month, you reduce your credit card balance quicker and you can also save yourself money because you’ll pay less in interest.

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You could make some improvements

Based on your answers it looks as though you’re doing everything you can to keep on top of your repayments, but you might be able to make improvements.

If you depend on making the minimum payment each month, you’re at risk of your account being in ‘persistent debt’. Your creditors will contact you and ask you to pay more each month.

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