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Saving money and increasing income

Ways to save money or increase your income

It may seem very difficult to save or make more money than you’re currently bringing in, especially if you’re dealing with debt or increasing living costs.

However, there are lots of straight-forward ways to boost your income or reduce your spending. There are also lots of resources available online to help you understand where you can make savings or extra money.

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From using cashback sites to mystery shopping, and from selling unwanted items to claiming extra benefits, there are many ways you can earn and save money. By putting these techniques into practice you may be able to pay off your debt quicker than if you made no change to your income and expenditure.

Ideas for saving and making more money


Save and make money by regularly carrying out a price comparison on your utility bills. Staying with one provider for too long can cost you hundreds of pounds over time.

Save Money Save Water provides free gadgets to help you reduce your water usage.

Telephone, mobiles and the web

There are a number of mobile phone apps you can use to build up points you can then swap for retailer vouchers or cash.

Regularly check with your phone provider to see if they can give you a better deal.

Bring in a second income

Consider freelance (self-employed work) alongside your main employment. There are several freelance vacancy websites you can sign up for, and most job sites have many freelance vacancies. Please note that you must always declare any self-employed income to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Do a benefits check

Are you getting all of the income you're entitled to? Our online benefits calculator can let you know if there are any benefits you should be claiming.

Check you’ve been paid the minimum wage

Did you know you can make a complaint about a previous employer if you weren’t paid the correct National Minimum Wage? There’s a calculator and a guide to raising complaints on the .gov.uk website. Find out more about the National Minimum Wage

Voucher websites

Whenever you shop online, make sure you do a quick search for any online discount voucher codes for the shop you're buying from.

Clothing and footwear

Every six months or so, resolve to do a big clearout of your or the family's wardrobes. You might find a gem or two you can put up on an online auction site for some extra money.

Learning to sew, darn and do basic stitch repairs on your clothes can mean that you get a lot more wear out of them. If sewing's not your thing, you could run a clothes swap party between you and your friends.

Save money on food

There are lots of ways to save money on food, from downshifting branded food to supermarket own-brand products, to creating shopping lists so you only buy what you need and making food plans for the week.

I’m unable to make or save extra money. What can I do?

Sometimes it can be a real struggle to bring in extra money or save the money you already have coming in. There could be a whole host of reasons for this; lack of time, ill health and being over stretched on living expenses to name a few. We can help you no matter how much income you have – or don’t have – coming in, no matter how serious your situation may seem.

Free debt advice

If you’re struggling to pay your debts, use our online debt advice tool. It will give you a personal budget to help you manage your money, and advice that's specifically tailored to your situation. Or, if you’d prefer to talk to us, call us and our expert advisors will help you get back on track.