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Saving money and increasing income

How to save money or increase your income

There may be more ways to save or make more money than you know about. This can be a big help with paying back debt and keeping up with payments.

We know that this can be a lot harder for some than for others. If you are:

Find out how to 'maximise your income'

This means looking at all sorts of ways to make the most of your money. It is a good idea to:

  • Find out what benefits you can claim
  • Learn about making a budget
  • Get help with mortgage, rent and council tax
  • Check you are paying the right amount of tax

Read our income maximisation guide.

Every year people in the UK miss out on billions of pounds worth of benefits and tax credits. Make sure you check what you're entitled to.

Use our free benefits calculator.

Switching utility providers

A good way to keep energy bills low is to make sure you are getting the best deal you can.

  • Can you save money by doing this and when is the right time?
  • Will you have to pay a fee to switch
  • Can you save money with a water meter?

Our guide to switching utility providers

Money worries?

Find out how we can help you.

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Claiming benefits

Benefits are not just for people are unemployed. You may be able to get help paying for food, clothes and housing if you:

  • Have children or dependents
  • Are on a low income
  • Are ill or disabled

Our guide to claiming benefits

Have you claimed Child Benefit?

Child Benefit can be claimed by parents or guardians with a child:

  • Under 16 in their household or
  • Under 20 if they stay in approved education or training

You can get:

  • £1,331 per year for a first child
  • £881 for any other child

These rates are as of April 2024.

You can now claim fully online. The money should arrive within three days.

Saving money on clothes

Some simple style tricks can help you save money:

  • Buy neutrals to mix and match
  • Learn how to sew
  • Sell clothes you do not need to make some money

Our guide to saving money on clothes

Help to Save scheme

If you are claiming Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit, you could be eligible to open a Help to Save account. It can help boost savings by 50 for every £1 saved.

Find out how Help to Save works

Saving money for an emergency

Not everything can be planned for. Setting some money aside makes it a lot easier to deal with things like:

  • Replacing a fridge, or similar
  • Repairing your car
  • Moving house, maybe after breaking up with a partner

Read our tips for saving for an emergency

Save money on food and meals

Could you try to:

  • Plan ahead and batch cook
  • Audit what you have in
  • Use loyalty points
  • Go to different shops

More ways to save money on food

Save money raising a family

Money is often tight when children are young. But a growing family means spending more.

There are ways to:

  •  Keep kids entertained for free
  • Spend less on presents - without people missing out
  • Save money on household bills

Find out more about saving money as a family

How to save money on insurance

We all need to pay for this, but we may be paying too much. You could:

  • Shop around for better deals
  • Make sure you are not insuring something under more than one policy

Read our guide to saving money on insurance

Free debt advice

If you’re struggling to pay your debts, use our online debt advice tool. It will give you a personal budget to help you manage your money, and advice that's specifically tailored to your situation.