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Court Fees

Find out how much you would need to pay for different types of court action in England and Wales. Are you in Scotland? Read our guide to Scottish court action.

Court fines are priority payments. This means you should pay them first. If you need help with making important payments, get in touch with us for free and impartial debt advice.

This applies to England and Wales.

County Court and High Court fees paid by you

Vary a CCJ instalment and/or suspend a County Court warrant of control (using an N245) £14
Application for a stay of execution on a High Court writ of control (using a N244) £14
Suspend or vary a possession order or warrant of possession (using a N244) £14
Staying a claim where both parties have agreed (such as a Tomlin order) £108
Other applications where notice does not have to be given to the other party, or where the other party consents to the application £108
Set aside a CCJ £275
Time order as part of current proceedings £275
Move a case to your preferred hearing centre if there is no automatic right of transfer £275
Add conditions to an existing charging order £275
Hardship payment order when a creditor has applied for a third party debt order £275
Other applications where notice must be given to both parties £275
Certificate of satisfaction or cancellation £14
Originating application for a time order £308
Copy of a document (at court) - First 10 sheets £11
Copy of a document (at court) - Additional sheets (per page) 50p
Copy of a document (electronic version) £11

Court costs and solicitors fees added to a County Court money claim

These costs are what your creditor must pay to the court to begin a claim. These are added to your debt and will appear on the claim form as ‘court costs’.

Claim value Civil National Business Centre / Money Claims Online * Any other court
Under £300 £25 £35
£300 to £500 £35 £50
£500 to £1,000 £60 £70
£1,000 to £1,500 £70 £80
£1,500 to £3,000 £105 £115
£3,000 to £5,000 £185 £205
£5,000 to £10,000 £410 £455
£10,000 to £100,000 4.5% of the claim value 5% of the claim value
£100,000 to £200,000 n/a 5% of the claim value
£200,000 and above n/a £10,000

* Claims for unspecified amounts or non-money claims (such as defaulted hire purchase agreements) cannot be started in the Civil National Business Centre (CNBC) or using Money Claim Online (MCOL).

As well as the court fee, your creditor can add a fixed amount of ‘solicitors fees’ to the debt if they have used a legal representative. These are added to your debt at the point they issue the claim.

Claim value Court serves the claim Creditor serves the claim*
£25 to £500 £50 £60
£500 to £1,000 £70 £80
£1,000 to £5,000 £80 £90
£5,000 and above £100 £110
Claim is for delivery of goods only £80 £90

* If the claim is in more than one name and defendants are at different addresses, an additional £15 will be added for each extra address served.

A further cost is added to your debt at the point the judgment is entered. This will only happen if your creditor has claimed the fixed solicitor’s costs, as in the table above.

Claim £25 to £5,000 Claim over £5,000
Judgment (in default) - after acknowledgment of service sent £22 £30
Judgment (in default) £25 £35
Judgment (acceptance) £40 £55
Judgment (after determination) £55 £70
Summary judgment (e.g. court strikes out a defence) £175 £210
Judgment for delivery of goods (regulated credit agreements only) £60 £85

Other County Court and High Court fees paid by the creditor and added to the debt

Possession claim for rented or mortgaged property: Application made online - £325

Application not online - £355

Issuing a High Court writ of control £71
Warrant of control: Application to Civil National Business Centre - £77

Application to any other court - £110

Application for other enforcement: Attachment of earnings order - £119

Charging order - £119

Third party debt order - £119

Application for order to attend court for questioning (oral examination) Served by creditor - £59

Served by bailiff - £119

Warrant of possession (to evict a property) £130
Warrant of delivery (to recover HP goods) £121
Service of documents by a County Court bailiff £110