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How can I save money on insurance?

Insurance is a necessary part of being a driver or homeowner. But there are ways to help cut the costs.

We know that this can be a lot harder for some than others. If you are:


  • Check your bills
  • Know when your policy ends
  • Shop around
  • Ask your provider for a better deal
  • Don't wait to switch
  • Review every year

There are other areas in your budget where this money could be better used.

Check your bills

It can be easy to forget about Direct Debit payments.

  • Try to keep track of what you are charged each month
  • If it increases, ask your provider why

Mid-contract price rises do happen, and technically your insurance provider isn’t breaking the rules by increasing your payment.

  • You have the right to complain
  • You have the right to switch providers

Make a note of when your policy ends

Some insurance policies auto-renew which:

  • Ties you in for another year
  • Often at a higher price

To get the most savings:

  • Make a note of when your policy is due for renewal
  • Set yourself a reminder a few weeks before it ends
  • Shop around

Try not to leave it to the last moment. You can save more by getting quotes before your insurance policy ends.

Shop around for a better deal

Compare prices from other insurance providers to get the best deal.

  1. Use price comparison sites to check you are getting the lowest price
  2. Check the fine print before you take a new deal
  3. Make sure that you still get the cover you need

Ask your insurance company for a better deal

Haggling on price can make many people nervous or uncomfortable.

But when it comes to your insurance provider, it is best to be direct.

  1. Gather details of the deals you found
  2. Call your provider and tell them you are thinking of switching
  3. Ask them to match or beat the other deals you found

This can be surprisingly effective.

Do not wait to switch to a better deal

Make the move if:

  • You find a cheaper insurance policy with a different provider
  • Your current provider cannot match it

Switching is straightforward.

Then you do not need to worry about it again until your next renewal.

Review your insurance every year

Shop around for savings every year. Even if you like your deal.

When it comes to insurance, loyalty doesn't pay.

Check for better deals each time your policy is due to end so you do not miss out on potential savings.

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