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Saving money and increasing income

Energy-saving tips to reduce your gas and electric bills

With energy bills rising, these tips will help you:

  • Make your home more efficient
  • Reduce your energy use
  • Save money

We know that this can be a lot harder for some than others. If you are:


  • Understanding your energy bill
  • Washing your clothes
  • Switch your lights
  • Check your Heating
  • Switch them off
  • Home improvements
  • Water use
  • The kitchen

Understand your energy bill

Reviewing your monthly bill can help you:

  • See patterns in your energy usage
    • How much energy are you using?
    • When are you using it?
  • Spot where to save money
    • Do you need to be using all the energy you are?
    • What changes can you make?
  • Make sure you are paying the right amount
    • Is everything added up correctly?
    • Are you being charged at the right rate?

Read our guide to energy bills for more about:

  • What information is on your bill
  • How your bill is calculated

Washing clothes

  • Do one less machine wash per week
  • Only put the machine on with a full load
  • Set the temperature to 30°C
  • Hang dry instead of tumble drying

Switch your lights to LEDs

Switch to LED bulbs:

  • They use half the energy of normal bulbs
  • Saves you up to £40

Don’t forget to turn them off when you are not using them!

These guides help people:

  • Keep to fixed budgets while they deal with debt
  • Cope with the rising cost of living

We also offer free and impartial advice.

Get help now if you are struggling to pay bills or heat your home.

Check your heating

Make sure your heating system is in top shape

  • Bleed your radiators regularly
  • Check your boiler pressure
  • Service your boiler every 12 months

Turn the temperature down

  • Turn your thermostat down by one degree
  • This saves the typical home £100 a year on average

Turn them off

Do not leave devices on standby.

Save £35 a year by turning them off at the plug when not using them.

Home Improvements

Insulate your loft

  • Use 30cm thick mineral wool or alternative
  • You usually get the money back in savings within a year
  • Good mineral wool can last 40 years

Draught proof

You can draught-proof:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Cracks in floors and skirting boards

This can save you around £125 a year.

Water use


Heating water uses lots of energy, but showers tend to use less than baths.

  • Keep your shower time to 4 minutes
  • Save £95 a year

Adding an efficient shower head can:

  • Cut your shower time by a minute
  • Save a family of four £38 a year


Wash dishes in a tub or bowl instead of under running water. This limits how much water needs to be heated.

You can also use warm instead of hot water. Your dish soap will do the rest.

The kitchen


  • Only boil what you need
  • Save up to £13 per year


  • Get a slow cooker
    • They use very little electricity
    • Are cheap to buy
    • Easy to find second hand
  • An air fryer can also save you money over a conventional oven

Read our guide on saving money on food and meals.

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