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Saving money and increasing income

Saving money on internet and digital TV

Saving money on internet and digital TV

It is easy to end up paying too much for TV channels you don't make the most of. And it could be that your internet is in a bundle with things you do not really need. Read about saving money each month by switching and how to get discounts if you are on a low income.

We know that this can be a lot harder for some than for others. If you are:


  1. Find out if there are any cheaper deals in your area
  2. See if you can get help with a 'social tariff'
  3. Check your bill to avoid paying extra fees
  4. Make sure you are getting the most out of the services you are paying for
  5. Be cheeky and ask for a better deal
  6. Make the most of free services

Low-income support: Discounted landline and internet

If you are on certain benefits, you may be able to get discounts on your home broadband and landline. These are called ‘social tariffs’.

These providers offer them: Check their websites for the latest information.

Broadband and landline:


TalkTalk broadband discount for Jobseekers

TalkTalk offer six months of discounted broadband for jobseekers.

Your Jobcentre Plus work coach will need to refer you. When this discount ends, you can choose to:

  • Cancel the service or
  • Move to a new contract with TalkTalk

Saving money on broadband internet

What is switching?

This means moving to a different provider. One that offers you a better deal.

Will I always save money by switching broadband providers?

No, you cannot be sure of saving money. But you can make sure you are getting the best deal that you can.

To do this:

  1. Use comparison sites to find the best broadband deals in your area
  2. Get in touch with your provider and say you are switching
  3. Tell them about the cheaper deals you have found. They may well offer you a better deal to get you stay with them

When is the best time to switch broadband providers?

You can leave at any time. But there may be an 'early exit fee'.

You may have to pay this if you leave at:

  • Any time before your contract ends or
  • Only during certain times in your contract

To avoid this: Check your bill or agreement. If you cannot find these details, contact your provider. They should explain what extra fees you may have to pay and when.

Switching to get cashback, free gifts or discounts

This can be a good idea. But you need to check if:

  • The gift or offer is for something you really want or need - be honest
  • It is worth it in the long term
  • The service is good enough for what you need. Check that the broadband is fast enough and read reviews of their customer service

The real value of promotional discounts can be hard to work out. Some providers will let you pay less for the first part of the contract. But their longer-term prices might not be as easy to find.

Check the small print. And make them tell you clearly what all the costs will be. Then you can work out what the real monthly charge works out as. 

Saving money on TV

We know you don't want to miss out on your favourite shows or the team you follow. But are you sure you are really using all the channels or accounts you are paying for?

  1. Make a list of what you have watched in the last month and where.
  2. See if you are not using any streaming service or package fully
  3. Check that you are not paying extra for 'add ons' that you no longer use. Such as, extra channels you can sign up for through Prime
  4. Look at your bank account to find any recurring payments and cancel any you no longer need

Spending less on streaming services

There is usually no contract for Netflix and similar streaming services. This means you can cancel anytime without paying more.

Spending less on TV package providers

These are services like Sky and Virgin Media. You make have to pay extra if you change contract.

You may decide to leave. Or, see if you can pay less for fewer channels.

If you get in touch with the provider to try to pay less, it helps to:

  • Have a list of competitor prices to hand when you call
  • Ask them to give you the promotional deal for new customers if you stay

They will want to keep you. So, give it a try.

Watch TV and films for free through streaming services

There are plenty of free streaming services available. BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and YouTube all free provide streaming TV.

Tip: Try the paid-for streaming services for a month before you pay for them. Most of the big services offer this. It will give you a flavour of how much you really use them.

Freeview offers around 70 TV channel and 30 radio stations. Most modern Smart TVs have a Freeview tune. Or you can pick up a Freeview set-top box from around £30.

Digital TV, phone and broadband bundles

Lots of companies offer bundles. This is where you pay for a number of services in one go. Such as:

  • Landline
  • Mobile
  • TV
  • Broadband

There are often other added extras:

  • Call waiting
  • Free evening and weekend calls
  • Static IP addresses

It can sometimes be a much cheaper way to get one of these services. But paying for a bundle is only worth it if you know you will use everything.

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