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Debt advice in Northern Ireland. All you need to know.

Wherever you live in Northern Ireland, StepChange Debt Charity is here to help you. We provide free debt advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

How we can help you

Whatever your situation, our expert advisors will be able to help. We’ll look at your individual circumstances, work out a manageable budget and provide you with specifically tailored advice that will help you deal with your debts and get you back on track.

You can call our free helpline and we’ll take some initial details from you and book you an appointment with one of our Northern Irish debt advisors.

Or why not complete our online Debt Remedy tool, which gives you help with your debts in just 20 minutes. Our advice will be specifically tailored to your situation and in line with debt law in Northern Ireland.

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Debt Solutions

There are a range of debt solutions available to help improve your situation. You can find out more about each of them below.

Debt management plan (DMP)

Our DMPs are completely FREE and available nationwide. You make one affordable monthly payment to us each month and we distribute this fairly to your creditors. Our DMPs give you the peace of mind that every single penny you pay to us is going towards repaying your debt. To find out more about how our DMPs work visit our DMP page.

Individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)

An IVA is a legally-binding agreement between you and your creditors, in which you repay your debts over a 5 or 6 year period. During this time you make one monthly payment and any remaining debt is subsequently written off. If you are recommended an IVA and you live in Northern Ireland, you'll be referred to a trusted IVA provider who will set up and administer your IVA. Find out more about our IVAs.

Debt relief order (DRO)

DROs are a way of writing off your unsecured debt if you have a low income and you owe less than £20,000. We are one of the few organisations that can submit a DRO application on your behalf. Find more about applying for a DRO.


Bankruptcy is a form of insolvency and it is normally only suitable if you are unable to pay back your debts in a reasonable time. Assets that you own, like your house or car, will usually be sold to pay off your debts. This means if your assets are worth more than your debts, or if all of your regular payments are up to date and you can afford to keep paying them, bankruptcy is unlikely to be the best option for you. Find out more about the criteria for bankruptcy.

Equity release

Equity release can help free up money that is tied up in your home so you can improve your financial situation, without the need to move. We have our own equity release advisors who can guide you through the process. Our equity release information will give you more details on how this works and whether you qualify.

Temporary repayment plan

If you can’t afford to pay your creditors, you may have to arrange a temporary repayment plan. You make a small payment towards your debts, as a token, to show you’re willing to deal with your debts but can’t afford to pay them. This isn’t a long term solution, but to find out more you can read our information on temporary repayment plans.

Settlement offers

If you have a lump sum of money or an asset, for example a property, a car or savings, you may be able to use these to help clear your unsecured debt. You can find out more about this by reading our settlement offers .

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is when you take out one large loan to repay all of the other debts you have. This can be a risky solution to your debt problem. Find out more about debt consolidation.


This is when you get a new mortgage to give you extra money to repay your debts. There are lots of different things to consider before you remortgage. Find out more about remortgaging.

Debt advice in the Republic of Ireland

You can get help with debts in the Republic of Ireland by contacting our telephone advice service, StepChange Debt Charity Ireland. We offer free and independent help for anyone in Ireland struggling with debt problems.

Debt help in Northern Ireland

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Who we are

Our expert advisors are based on Benevenagh Drive in Limavady and have been helping people in Northern Ireland deal with problem debt since 2001.

So whether you’ve fallen behind with your credit card repayments, received a money judgement, or are worried about a visit from Enforcement of Judgment Officers, they’re there to make sure you have the information and support that you need.

Creditor action in Northern Ireland

Got a money judgment? Had an unpleasant phone call asking for payments you can’t afford?

These are just two examples of the ways your creditors can try to collect back the money you owe. The most important thing you need to remember is not to panic. Whether it’s a phone call or a letter from the court, we can help.

If you’re worried you can read our step by step guide on what your creditors can do. This easy to follow advice will let you know what you can expect and what your creditors can and can't do.

Helping you become debt free...

“I wish to thank your staff for all the great help they gave me when I was in so much debt.
They were a pillar of support to me.” (Leslie, Essex)

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