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Over 10,000 have sought debt help in middle of the night this year

10 June, 2013

Over 10,000 people have sought help with their debts in the middle of the night since the start of the year. So far this year, 11,357 people have used StepChange Debt Charity’s online debt help tool Debt Remedy between midnight and 7am. The peak time for using the online tool was between midnight and 1am, with 3,514 people using the tool at this time in 2013.

The charity says that many people are likely to be using the free advice tool at this time because they have been kept awake worrying about their debts. It says that the anonymity of the tool and the fact that it can be used in the middle of the night are another reason why people are using it at this time as many do not want those closest to them to know that they are struggling with their debts.  

Commenting on the findings, Delroy Corinaldi, external affairs director at StepChange Debt Charity, said: “We know that debt worries can leave people struggling to sleep and it is good that so many are doing something about their debt problems, whatever the time of day or night.

“It can also be very hard for people to talk about their debt problems, even to those closest to them, and it is important that it isn’t stopping people from seeking help. 

“If there is one thing that anyone struggling with debt needs to remember it is to not bury your head in the sand. Seek help with your debts, whenever and however is right for you.”

StepChange Debt Charity’s free advice tool Debt Remedy is available from their website homepage, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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