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Our latest press releases


Pause in rate rises will bring relief, but housing costs most significant ‘pressure point’ for people’s finances, says StepChange - 21 September 2023

More than 1 in 3 private renters using credit to pay for rent - 20 September 2023

StepChange responds to outcome of Government consultation on insolvency regulation - 12 September 2023

August 2023

StepChange responds to Bank of England’s Money and Credit figures- 30 August 2023

Drop in energy price cap will do little to alleviate pressure on households, says StepChange - 25 August 2023

StepChange responds to mortgage and landlord repossession statistics - 10 August 2023

StepChange responds to personal insolvency framework review - 4 August 2023

StepChange responds to base rate rise- 3 August 2023

StepChange responds to proposed Government ban on financial cold callers- 2 August 2023

July 2023

StepChange responds to Bank of England’s Money and Credit figures - 31 July 2023

StepChange responds to FCA Financial Lives Survey - 26 July 2023

Debt charities warn of harmful misleading debt advice ads - 24 July 2023

Proportion of StepChange Scotland clients with mortgage arrears on the rise - 18 July 2023

StepChange responds to reports BNPL regulation could be delayed - 15 July 2023

StepChange sees increase in clients needing help with car finance debts - 11 July 2023

June 2023

StepChange appoints three new members to its Board of Trustees - 29 June 2023

StepChange responds to Bank of England Money and Credit stats - 29 June 2023

Seven million mortgage holders struggling to keep up with household bills and credit commitments - 22 June 2023

Record rent levels leaving more tenants at risk of problem debt, says StepChange - 21 June 2023

StepChange wins two awards at the Credit Strategy Awards - 2 June 2023

StepChange responds to FCA’s Debt Packager referral fee ban - 2 June 2023

Cost of living remains biggest driver of problem debt, says StepChange Debt Charity - 1 June 2023

May 2023

StepChange responds to FCA’s proposals to make permanent requirements on lenders to support borrowers in financial difficulty - 25 May 2023

StepChange responds to new inflation data - 24 May 2023

Private renters twice as likely to be in problem debt as general population - 23 May 2023

Some progress, but financially vulnerable tenants overlooked by Renters’ Reform Bill, says StepChange - 17 May 2023

StepChange responds to new FCA figures on struggling borrowers - 17 May 2023

Further interest rate rise ramps up pressure on mortgage holders and renters, says StepChange - 11 May 2023

New StepChange data: Demand for debt advice continues to rise - 4 May 2023

April 2023

StepChange appoints Alex Pitcher as new Chief Risk Officer - 24 April 2023

Progress, but cost of living crisis ‘far from over’, says StepChange - 19 April 2023

Debt and arrears levels rocket among StepChange Scotland clients in 2022 - 19 April 2023

StepChange supports half a million people in 2022 - 18 April 2023

March 2023

StepChange client debt levels up by 25% in 2022 - 29 March 2023

StepChange responds to rate rise - 23 March 2023

Debt Awareness Week: Five things you should know about debt advice - 22 March 2023

StepChange appoints Vikki Brownridge as new Chief Executive - 21 March 2023

One in six people has £20 or less to live on after paying for essentials each month - 20 March 2023

One in seven Scottish adults has £20 or less to live on after paying for essentials each month - 20 March 2023

StepChange responds to Budget - 15 March 2023

StepChange sees “startling” rise in demand for debt advice - 1 March 2023

February 2023

StepChange comments on new IVA outcomes and providers statistics - 28 February 2023

Two in five people rationing essentials to keep up with credit repayments - 16 February 2023

Half of Scottish adults are struggling to keep up with essential bills - 16 February 2023

StepChange responds to launch of new Buy Now, Pay Later regulation proposals - 14 February 2023

StepChange backs FCA’s proposed Debt Packager referral fee ban - 2 February 2023

StepChange reacts to rate rise - 2 February 2023

January 2023

Cost of living leaving more new clients struggling with essential bills - 31 January 2023

Almost a quarter of StepChange Scotland clients report the cost of living as the driver of their debt problems - 26 January 2023

StepChange Debt Charity marks 30 years of providing free debt advice - 25 January 2023

Cost of living pressures continue to weigh heavily on new StepChange clients - 4 January 2023

Press release archive

December 2022

StepChange CEO announces decision to leave in 2023 - 19 December 2022

StepChange reacts to rate rise - 15 December 2022

Government must step up to secure important bailiff reforms - 13 December 2022

Proportion of those who say they can afford Christmas has nearly halved since last year - 7 December 2022

Charlotte Chambers, currently Senior Director - Ecommerce Technology at supermarket chain Asda, is to join StepChange Debt Charity as Chief Technology and Information Officer on 20 March 2023 after a thorough and competitive recruitment process - 1 December 2022

November 2022

Proportion of clients with energy arrears falls, but cost of living still driving new clients to StepChange - 29 November 2022

StepChange reacts to Autumn Statement - 17 November 2022

StepChange responds to FCA’s report outlining treatment of borrowers in financial difficulty following pandemic - 3 November 2022

StepChange comments on rate rise - 3 November 2022

October 2022

Cost of living remains most commonly cited cause of debt among StepChange clients in September - 31 October 2022

Cost of living now number one cause of debt for StepChange Scotland clients - 20 October 2022

Gambling needs more holistic management to reduce harm when it causes debt, new research suggests - 18 October 2022

StepChange welcomes Google crackdown on advertisers, but root cause IVA problems remain - 10 October 2022

One in two people struggling to keep up with essential bills – triple the pre-pandemic number - 6 October 2022

September 2022

Cost of living remains most common reason for debt among new StepChange clients - 30 September 2022

Effective creditor communication key to helping consumers in financial difficulty, says StepChange - 29 September 2022

StepChange reacts to mini-budget - 23 September 2022

StepChange reaction to rate rise - 22 September 2022

StepChange reaction to energy support package - 8 September 2022

August 2022

Cost of living pressures continue to drive new clients to StepChange - 30 August 2022

StepChange reacts to new energy price cap - 26 August 2022

StepChange responds to new inflation data - 17 August 2022

StepChange says rate rise adds to cost of living woes for people experiencing debt - 4 August 2022

July 2022

For the first time, rising cost of living cited as most common reason for debt in June - 29 July 2022

StepChange says FCA consumer duty will create valuable cultural shift - 27 July 2022

StepChange reports positive client outcomes during first year of Breathing Space - 21 July 2022

Over a third of parents worried their finances will suffer during summer holidays - 19 July 2022

Half a million people supported by StepChange in 2021 - 13 July 2022

StepChange responds to new FCA and MoneyHelper research - 6 July 2022

StepChange wins Debt Advice Provider of the Year at the Credit Strategy Awards - 1 July 2022

June 2022

StepChange calls for pause on Universal Credit deductions for Government debt during Cost of Living crisis - 30 June 2022

StepChange welcomes Committee of Advertising Practice enforcement on misleading IVA and PTD ads - 23 June 2022

StepChange comments on inflation data - 22 June 2022

StepChange comments on rate rise and FCA cost of living reminder to firms - 16 June 2022

May 2022

Cost of living pressures continue to drive new clients to StepChange - 31 May 2022

StepChange reaction to Chancellor’s cost of living support package - 26 May 2022

StepChange Financial Solutions wins Best Equity Release Broker at Mortgage Strategy Awards - 26 May 2022

StepChange comments on inflation: “a driver of debt” - 18 May 2022

StepChange Scotland reports client average arrears on essential bills increased by 29% in one year - 12 May 2021

Further base rate rise ramps up pressure on low income households, says StepChange - 5 May 2022

Cost of living pressure rising as a cause of debt, as borrowing increases in March - 4 May 2022

April 2022

StepChange responds to new FCA strategy - 7 April 2022

Client statistics: Times were already hard for many before the latest cost of living crisis - 7 April 2022

March 2022

More clients cite cost of living as reason for debt, says StepChange - 29 March 2022

StepChange reacts to Spring Statement - 23 March 2022

StepChange reveals 2022-25 strategy against background of changes in debt advice - 22 March

One in five people expects to be driven into problem debt this year - 21 March

How the pandemic affected outcomes from debt advice - 3 March

Cost of living now in top 5 reasons for debt, reports StepChange Debt Charity - 1 March

February 2022

StepChange responds on FCA BNPL interventions - 14 February

StepChange and OVO Energy announce £2 million package of additional support - 7 February

Price cap rise to push more StepChange clients into negative budgets – even after support - 3 February

January 2022

One in three people struggling to keep up with bills and credit commitments – double the pre-pandemic number - 20 January

Consumers using BNPL are much more likely to be struggling, finds StepChange - 6 January

New November data already shows worrying trends reflecting cost of living - even before Christmas pressures - 4 January

December 2021

We respond to new Government consultation on the future of insolvency regulation - 21 December

Double whammy of rising inflation and rising interest rates means households experiencing debt need help, says StepChange - 16 December

One in four people who celebrate Christmas will struggle to afford it this year - 9 December 2021

New consumer duty proposals are a game changer, says StepChange - 7 December

November 2021

StepChange strongly supports debt packager firm referral fee ban proposal from FCA - 17 November

StepChange comments on new landlord possession statistics - 11 November

October 2021

StepChange reveals September client insights, comments on latest consumer credit data from Bank of England - 29 October

StepChange responds to Budget - 27 October

StepChange responds to new £65m support for rent arrears - 23 October

StepChange reaction to HM Treasury BNPL consultation - 21 October

StepChange urges Government to think again on £20 a week cut to Universal Credit - 6 October

September 2021

StepChange responds to Government’s new £500m support fund - 30 September

StepChange comments on Bank of England lending data, and reveals rise in those seeking debt advice in full-time employment - 29 September

StepChange supports London Councils call for increased local authority resources - 24 September

StepChange urges DWP to improve historic Tax Credit overpayment deductions practices that leave 98% struggling - 23 September

£360million Covid rent debt crisis will escalate unless Universal Credit cut is reversed, we warn - 17 September

August 2021

StepChange releases July client trends and comments on new Bank of England money and credit data - 31 August

Government-backed Debt Advice Guide launched to support Scots in financial difficulty - 31 August

July 2021

We release June client trends and comment on new Bank of England money and credit data - 29 July

We respond to FCA action on debt packager firms - 20 July

Our response to new FCA Business Plan - 15 July

Yvonne MacDermid joins StepChange board of trustees - 1 July

June 2021

Bank of England credit data mask serious debt problems, says StepChange - 29 June

StepChange responds to Government’s Council Tax collection figures - 23 June

StepChange reports nearly 1 in 10 clients in Scotland in debt due to Covid - 3 June

May 2021

StepChange urges Government to pledge further support for renters as eviction ban ends - 28 May

StepChange welcomes FCA's stronger consumer protections - 14 May

StepChange welcomes DRO changes but emphasises importance of further change - 10 May

April 2021

We welcome the launch of Breathing Space - 27 April

Statistics Yearbook 2020: Changes in debt advice client profiles in the year of Covid - 14 April

Millions facing ‘financial long covid’ need urgent support - 8 April

March 2021

We respond to MHCLG Committee's calls for support for private renters - 31 March

We mark Debt Awareness Week after year of lockdowns - 22 March

Covid debt putting 150,000 renters at risk of eviction - 17 March

We respond to continued rental eviction suspension - 10 March

We respond to Budget: more will still be needed to help those hit hardest - 3 March

February 2021

We comment on new insolvency data and proposals - 26 February

We respond to the FCA's new vulnerability guidance - 23 February

Our response to six-month extension of £20 Universal Credit uplift - 19 February

Chancellor must act to tackle rent debt crisis - 18 February

We react to the FCA’s Financial Lives Survey findings - 11 February

We welcome Work & Pensions Committee recommendations on £20 Uplift - 9 February

Single parents more likely to experience problem debt and to live in persistent poverty - 8 February 2021

We welcome new Insolvency Service guidance on misleading advertising - 5 February 2021

Woolard report sets encouraging agenda to reduce debt problems - 2 February 2021

Chris Wood joins our Board of Trustees - 1 February 2021

January 2021

Pressure grows to deal with online debt advice scammers as ASA upholds complaints - 27 January 2021

Continued bailiff activity is a risk to public health - 14 January 2021

We comment on the FCA’s proposed amendments to Mortgages and Consumer Repossession Guidance - 13 January 2021

We welcome the eviction ban extension - 8 January 2021

December 2020

Our clients explain in their own words what being in debt in the pandemic feels like - 16 December 2020

November 2020

We welcome Baroness Morgan of Cotes as our new Strategic Adviser - 26 November 2020

Covid Payment Plans go live as we urge people who need debt help to explore options - 24 November 2020

Our response to the FCA’s updated support for mortgage borrowers - 17 November 2020

New long-term household debt crisis inevitable without urgent intervention - 12 November 2020

Our reaction to the FCA’s further consumer credit support - 2 November 2020

October 2020

Our September client data analysis and comments on new Bank of England data - 29 October 2020

New 12-month reduced payment plan for households temporarily affected by covid - 22 October 2020

We comment on Work and Pensions Committee calls for Universal Credit reform - 19 October 2020

September 2020

We comment on August's Bank of England data - 29 September 2020

93 per cent struggle to afford essentials after government collections - 21 September 2020

We comment on the lifting of the eviction ban - 18 September 2020

We react to FCA’s further consumer credit & overdraft guidance - 16 September 2020

We respond to FCA mortgage advice update - 14 September 2020

We comment on Which? Report showing how the debt advice scammers are still at it - 14 September 2020

Our July debt analysis and comments on Bank of England data - 1 September 2020

August 2020

We comment on the FCA’s new guidance for mortgage lenders - 26 August 2020

We comment on the return of bailiff visits - 24 August 2020

Government extends eviction ban - 21 August 2020

We respond to the FCA's repeat borrowing findings - 06 August 2020

July 2020

We welcome FCA call for input on coronavirus lender payment difficulties - 31 July 2020

We publish new June debt analysis and comments on Bank of England data - 29 July 2020

We comment on the Financial Conduct Authority’s new vulnerability guidance - 29 July 2020

We join forces with Generation Rent to urge Government to protect renters from eviction - 21 July 2020

We call for action to protect consumers from bad practice by IVA providers - 20 July 2020

Breathing Space regulations herald welcome relief ahead to help people resolve debt problems - 15 July 2020

Government must act to prevent council tax loading £158m in bailiff and court fees - 14 July 2020

We comment on FCA extension of high cost credit and motor finance payment freeze - 3 July 2020

We comment on further emergency funding for councils - 2 July 2020

We comment on further support for consumer credit customers - 1 July 2020

June 2020

We welcome Government intention to get its debt management house in order - 29 June 2020

Bank of England credit data doesn’t tell the whole story - 29 June 2020

Joint letter to Simon Clarke MP re: Council tax debt enforcement during the Covid-19 pandemic - 25 June 2020

We comment on the reimposition of bailiff visits - 23 June 2020

Evidence and consensus grows on need for overhaul of Universal Credit - 22 June 2020

We welcome FCA’s extension of consumer credit payment freeze - 19 June 2020

We welcome free school meals extension - 16 June 2020

We back cross-Party call for Debt Management Bill - 11 June 2020

We welcome £38m debt advice funding announcement - 9 June 2020

Post-Covid personal debt tsunami inevitable unless radical relief is given - 9 June 2020

The return of bailiffs is unfair and unsafe without additional Government action - 4 June 2020


We welcome mortgage holiday extension and ask “what about tenants?” - 22 May 2020

Dangerously high levels of financial vulnerability in Scotland revealed - 14 May 2020


We welcome IVA coronavirus flexibility - 17 April 2020

We welcome FCA forbearance guidance on motor finance and payday loans - 17 April 2020

We welcome FCA temporary relief package - 9 April 2020

We welcome FCA emergency financial relief proposals - 2 April 2020

UK personal debt statistics reveal thousands of households’ finances already at breaking point - 1 April 2020


Bailiff action ‘must be suspended’ during Covid-19 outbreak - 25 March 2020

Coronavirus support package is a welcome step - 20 March 2020

‘Rescue package’ needed to help household finances cope with COVID-19 - 19 March 2020

Our response to today's Budget - 11 March 2020

When does the light at the end of the tunnel appear for people in debt? - 4 March 2020


We've partnered with OpenWrks to bring Money Coaching to our clients - 19 February 2020

Government urged to act on bailiff reform - 17 February 2020

New service to help people in “persistent debt” - 10 February 2020

We welcome FCA persistent debt reminder - 3 February 2020


We comment on Insolvency Service data - 30 January 2020

We've appointed a new head of strategic relationships - 28 January 2020

FCA is right to ask banks to explain overdraft pricing - 28 January 2020

Flaws in social security are causing debt and destitution – Government must act - 23 January 2020



Banks must not shroud their repeat overdraft use strategies in mystery - 17 December 2019

Two thirds of people struggling to afford Christmas and a third expecting to borrow for it - 3 December 2019


We call on all parties to use election manifestos to tackle UK problem debt crisis  - 6 November 2019

We comment on High Court bailiff VAT error - 5 November 2019


We welcome Google's crackdown on exploitative debt service ads - 23 October 2019

Twice as many Brits expect their financial situation to get worse rather than better in 2020 - 23 October 2019

One in four Welsh adults showing signs of financial distress - 22 October 2019


Statistics Mid-Year Update 2019 - 18 September 2019


Avoiding the debt advice scammers - 31 July 2019

Our response to Commons Work and Pensions Committee report on the welfare safety net - 31 July 2019

Our response to new draft FCA vulnerability guidance to firms - 23 July 2019

Our response to MOJ's announcement about curbing unlawful bailiff behaviour - 22 July

Life happens but we’re not financially resilient - 17 July 2019

Time to blow the final whistle on the subprime card debt trap - 9 July 2019


We respond to FCA consultation on mortgage prisoners - 26 June 2019

Our response to FCA’s "Buy Now, Pay Later" rule changes - 12 June 2019

Our response to FCA overdraft rules - 7 June 2019


Vulnerable Energy Customers Still Being Let Down - 31 May 2019

“Persistent debt” credit card reminders now landing on doormats - 29 May 2019

We've won the Debt Advice Provider of the Year Award - 17 May 2019

How National Numeracy Day can help tackle problem debt - 15 May 2019

We commend Treasury Select Committee for keeping up pressure for debt reforms - 13 May 2019

We respond to Fairness Group Statement - 7 May 2019

Our response to the FCA’s discussion paper on Intergenerational Differences - 2 May 2019


Our response to the FCA’s statement on Duty of Care Consultation - 23 April 2019

Our response to the Justice Committee’s Report on Bailiff Enforcement - 11 April 2019

Debt Charity Warns of Council Tax Emergency - 9 April 2019

Ten years of debt relief orders (DROs) - 6 April 2019

Record number of people contacting us in 2018 - 3 April 2019


We comment on FCA's letter to firms on credit card fees and charges - 6 March 2019

We comment on FCA rent-to-own cap rules - 5 March 2019



Majority of public back call for bailiff regulation as "government action is long overdue" - 15 February 2019

Progress on debt typically spiky not smooth - 13 February 2019


Breathing Space response: Steps needed to ensure new protections work as intended - 29 January 2019

More than one in four people uneasy about finances this Blue Monday - 21 January 2019

John Griffith-Jones to chair StepChange Debt Charity - 7 January 2019

We comment on the latest Bank of England consumer lending figures - 4 January 2019


FCA takes important steps to making overdrafts fairer - 18 December 2018


We comment on latest Bank of England Money & Credit data - 29 November 2018

FCA double whammy crackdown on rent-to-own price caps is welcome - 22 November 2018

Locked out – how debt impacts housing - 13 November 2018

Talk Money Week 2018 - debt advice really helps - 12 November 2018


We reveal our latest debt statistics for the first half of 2018 - 4 October 2018

We comment on latest Bank of England consumer lending figures - 1 October 2018


We reveal new strategy to double the number of people helped by 2022
25 September

Our comment on Help to Save
12 September

We respond to National Audit Office report on how much debt costs the state
6 September

Capital of debt: Londoners more likely to be in the red
4 September


Our comment on latest Bank of England lending figures
30 August

Our comment on Bank of England interest rate rise
2 August


Our comment on latest Bank of England consumer credit data and FCA creditworthiness rules
30 July

Our comment on the Office of National Statistics report
26 July

Our comment on Treasury Select Committee report on household finances
26 July

Our reaction to the FCA consumer approach
17 July


Our comment on latest Bank of England lending statistics
29 June

Our comment on the FCA retail banking review for overdrafts
27 June

Why should being vulnerable have to mean being worse off? Our new research
20 June


Sir Hector Sants to step down as our Chairman to chair the new Single Financial Guidance Body
31 May

We respond to FCA high cost credit proposals
31 May

Behind on the basics - three million people in arrears on essential bills in 2017
24 May

Our comments on Which? letter to FCA on overdrafts
23 May

Our comment on the latest Bank of England lending data
1 May


Our comment on loan shark crackdown
25 April

We appoint a new director of external affairs
24 April

We support the FCA's scam warning
24 April


Comment on Bank of England data: the burden of persistent debt
29 March

Making credit affordable - new research
28 March

We reveal trends in those seeking debt help in 2017
13 March

Our response to the latest Bank of England Money and Credit statistics
1 March


New FCA credit card rules welcome - but action needed to break cycle of debt build up
27 February


Our response to FCA update on high-cost credit review
31 January

Our latest response to the Bank of England Money and Credit statistics
30 January

We respond to Bank of England Money and Credit statistics
5 January


Our response to FCA update on remedies for persistent credit card debt
14 December

Two million stuck in permanent overdraft debt
5 December


Our response to the latest Bank of England Money and Credit Statistics
29 November

Our response to Bank of England decision to raise interest rates
3 November


Our response to Treasury consultation launch on Breathing Space
24 October

Our response to FCA warning of growing debt among young people
16 October

We appoint our new chief executive
3 October


Our response to Bank of England Money and Credit Statistics
29 September

Our response to Labour's credit card proposals
25 September

Rising debt levels and the struggle to cover household bills
20 September

Our latest research: Benefit deductions risk pushing people deeper into debt
14 September


Our response to the August 2017 Bank of England’s Money and Credit statistics
20 August


Our response to FCA high-cost credit review and creditworthiness proposals
31 July

Our response to the July 2017 insolvency statistics
28 July

High-cost credit market failure, major government investment needed
20 July

Rainy day savings via pensions automatic enrolment prevents debt problems and saves money
11 July

We appoint two new Trustees
10 July


Our response to the Bank of England's latest Financial Stability Report
27 June

Our response to the Queen's Speech
21 June


Our response to Bank of England credit card lending figures
31 May

Our CEO to step down
26 May

Our response to the TUC analysis of household debt
25 May

Our response to the Conservative Party manifesto
18 May

Our response to Labour Party manifesto
16 May

Inflation rises at four year high: our response
16 May

Our response to the May 2017 Inflation Report
11 May


Our response to FCA credit card remedies consultation
4 April


Our response to the March 2017 Bank of England’s Money and Credit statistics
29 March

Record numbers seek debt help
28 March

Bailiff reforms “not working”, say charities
14 March

Our response to The Children’s Society findings
6 March

Our response to the Bank of England’s Money and Credit statistics
1 March


Our response to Which? research on overdrafts
8 February

Almost a third of Brits saved nothing in the last 12 months
2 February


Our response to the latest insolvency statistics
27 January

Our response to the Bank of England’s Money and Credit statistics
4 January

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